Las Vegas ... The city of lights! Top 10 things to do!

Last month I visited Las Vegas, Nevada. What a place. It was a 20minute journey from McCarran airport to the Venetian hotel and I am so happy we took an evening flight from London. The city was lit up and was an incredible sight to have experienced, the strip was beautifully glowing with hundreds and thousands of twinkle lights that made up the true city that never sleeps!

My family and I were just in awe and were probably the most silent we have ever been in a taxi. Coming from such a small town such as Gibraltar, the Strip was enormous and it was one sight after another starting at Mandalay Bay and ending at the Venetian. 

Here are some of the favourite things we did and recommend you to do if you go to Sin City:

1. Maverick's Grand Canyon helicopter tour
We were undecided as to whether to do this or not, but after hearing our friends and family telling us it wasn't something to be missed, we listened to them... and they were right! I am petrified of heights and yet I did not feel the altitude or speed at all. It was an unforgettable experience.

2. Cirque du Soleils KA
Due to our timely schedule of events for this holiday we didn't get to watch any shows until our last night... what a mistake that was! KA was a spectacular display of acrobatic brilliance, character charm and mechanical wonder. It was the first time I had witnessed a rotating stage as part of the changing décor and how everything gelled from one movement to another was incredible leaving you in wonder and awe. It was such a shame we went to watch this on our last night as I would have loved to have seen more of them whilst we were there, a true asset which adds to the Vegas experience.

3. Stratosphere
After walking around Circus Circus (only to find the amusement dome was closed due to refurbishments for Halloween) we noticed the tall, thin building in the near distance. Walking towards it, we realised we were heading to the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere is another hotel casino in Vegas but includes its iconic  1,149 ft (350.2 m) Stratosphere Tower, the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States.

This was a great chance for us to see the entire Vegas Strip from above. I was a tad queasy (didn't think I would be after the helicopter ride, but that was such a difference experience altogether) and I didn't want to go near the windows too much, but the adrenaline hunter inside me made this trip to the Stratosphere one not to forget. Incredible views and a great way to get yourself orientated for a first time visitor.

4. Stratosphere big shot 
You cannot go to the Stratosphere and not try one of their rides. There are 3 adrenaline packed rides at the top of the tower. Apart from being able to Bungee Jump off it, you have the X-Scream, Insanity and the Big Shot. We were only tempted to try the Big Shot (pictured below) at 1,081 ft (329 m) it is one of the highest thrill rides in the world. My sister and I couldn't believe we were about to do this, legs turned to jelly, but was something I'd do again now with my eyes closed (not literally!).

5. Wynn buffet
The Las Vegas Wynn Hotel Buffet was the largest buffet spread I have ever seen with cuisine from all corners of the globe. We chose the Buffet VIP Experience and the best thing about it was being able to skip the 1.5hr queue there was at 1030hrs for breakfast! Apparently, a very popular location for breakfast and we hadn't known just how much.

Once we passed the beautifully decorated entrance as seen below we were sat at our table and free to explore the gastronomic wonders laid out in the huge self-service hall. Any food lovers dream!

6. Las Vegas night light tour - Freemont experience / welcome sign 
We also decided to book a Night Lights Tour through Viator and it was another great thing we did as we realised we started to love Las Vegas more and more as sun set and the lights and atmosphere came to life. With this tour we were taken to see the Sirens of TI show at Treasure Island, the Las Vegas Sign sitting at the entrance to the Strip, the fountains of Bellagio and Downtown Vegas.

Everything was one burst of colour and music after another, the Bellagio fountains display as well as the Downtown Vegas ceiling music spectacular were incredible to have witnessed.

7.  Grand Canal Shoppes Venetian/ Palazzo
We were staying at the Venetian and I don't think we actually managed to see all their shops until the last couple of days we were there, it was such a huge, long corridor of shops all under one roof. Beautifully laid out Gucci, Prada and Oscar de la Renta stores entwined within the theme of the hotels made them such a wonder to look at.

8. Mandalay mix lounge
This is an incredible sight not to be missed. On our last night in Las Vegas I decided to do something a bit different to what we were normally used to. I had read on another blog before travelling of the Mandalay Mix Lounge, a lounge located on the top floor of the Mandalay Bay. I thought it would have been a nice way of saying farewell to the wonderful city. I was under the impression it would be a nice relaxing chill out bar and instead found myself (and my parents!) in one of Mandalay Bay's nightclubs! In the end, we just joined in and grabbed a cocktail whilst we enjoyed sitting on the terrace watching the most breath-taking sights of Vegas by Night!
9. Serendipity 3
If there was one restaurant you cannot miss when being in Las Vegas is Serendipity 3. The portions were more than generous, the décor was incredibly quirky and friendly and the desserts were out of this world! Perfectly located by Caesar's Palace and prices were great in comparison to hotel restaurants.

10. Visit Venetian / Palazzo / Caesars / Wynn Casinos
It is quite true that each hotel at Las Vegas is its own little town, they have everything! Take some time to enjoy visiting each of the hotels and their casinos!

Las Vegas is a true city of lights that can be appreciated throughout the day and night. You will always have something to see or look forward to and great fun for all types of travellers.

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Snorkelling and Speedboat Adventure in Cancun

You CAN almost do everything in CANcun… when we visited Cancun a few weeks back we immediately realised that the city is full of opportunities for the adventure seekers.  Not only does it have one of the greatest nightclubs Coco Bongo it also has an immense array of adventure seeking tours. 

As the gardens are being watered and the pool is being maintained for its daily swimmers, today was going to be a different day.. rather than relaxing in the resort we decided to carry out a tour with the hotels Concierge, they can literally organise anything for you!  Next time you stay at a resort why not ask them for help!  Our adventure was thrill seeking… so we were suggested a Speedboat ride followed by a snorkelling tour of Cancun’s bay.  What an experience, from start to finish..

We met Carlos at the meeting point, a Mayan descendent who has worked in the industry for as long as he can remember, his funny character made our day!  He was our guide and soon lead our small group of 6 onto the platform, all he mentioned were hand signals of when to slow and when to use utmost speed!  These small boats can certainly go fast, as you may appreciate from the images you can realise the extent of the speed.  The next 50 minutes were spent cruising the bay and then entering the open waters where we endured some escalating waves which really shook us first time round.  The speedboats motor might be small, however, the unlimited fast thrilling endurance we experienced was worth every second. 

We finally arrived at the snorkelling reef where we experienced an array of fish which came real close to us seeing as they move subject to movement… they came really close which sometimes scared some members of the group haha… myself included!

I wanted to share this experience with you as this company provides everything necessary to experience Cancun’s well-kept bay and open reef.. an experience that I will again revisit in the near future.  Check out my next post on Xcaret, a water park in the middle of the jungle, there certainly is much more than you can imagine in the thick dense forest!

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Welcome to Miami!

Miami… known for its tropical weather and expensive shoreline properties, the 42nd largest city in the USA must surely be ranked in the top 10 for entertainment and overall satisfaction.  What a place, arriving from London Heathrow in the middle of June, our final destination was Cancun Mexico, however that deserves a post on itself.  We left Gibraltar, place of origin at a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius, arrived in the UK at 13 degrees and then finally arrived in  Miami  where I need not saying how warm it was.  Upon arrival, we immediately found a taxi that actually fit our needs, a 5 seater taxi with plenty of luggage space.  They never seem to stop amazing me, cars in the USA are brilliant, massive and no need for changing gears, I could get used to that! 

We had booked the Marriott South Beach for one single night.  Oh how we regret not staying longer, but for being a stop before our final journey, I now know I have to revisit this fantastic place.  When we arrived at the hotel I had forgotten how customary it is to tip every single person, they do provide a good service in comparison to some places in Europe!  The room faced actual South Beach and provided everything needed for a short stay.  Literally two seconds from the beach, we strolled through South Beach until we got to the best entertainment strip I have ever seen, fantastic restaurants, chill out music and the best cocktails to battle the heat. 

After many cocktails and some fancy food, we continued our walk through Ocean Drive and continued into the night.  An early night and an early wake up followed.  We hit the gym of which is amazing, everything needed and no one to disturb you, just the way I like Hotel Gyms.  Before hitting the beach and the famous outdoor shopping centre we enjoyed a continental breakfast and some of the best omelettes I have tried.  Ask for Maria, she preps them to the way you enjoy yours!

The Outdoor Shopping Centre, Bayside, is home to many brands of which I certainly enjoy, what a wonderful shopping Mall as my fellow Americans say…. Lunch was our favourite, Bubba Gump, need I say more, to many people in the USA it seems that it’s not very popular, and they may indeed be right, however I was looking forward to shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp.  We stuffed ourselves and enjoyed every second of it, it really took me back to the actual movie and how Bubba recited all the possible Shrimp combinations.  I was a very happy man after that.


Soon after this I was gutted when I heard that the Miami Heat Basketball team were playing the playoff finals on that same day.  Oh what I would have done to see that match which resulted in the Heat wining the season!  Well I guess we had to board our plane to Cancun.

If I had to sum up Miami in 2 words I would put it down to Truly Amazing,  from start to finish the complexity of attractions and restaurants will certainly be visited by us again in the near future, could this be a possible visit in 2014!?!? Soon we shall be posting of our pending travels, 2014 is going to be a continuous flow of travel blogging!

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To go or not to go ... That is the question!

Sitting on your chair, 5 minutes have just gone past Nine. Its that feeling cropping back again! As you stare out through your office window you may think more than once, is this what I really want from my life? It’s a major descision, travelling is a major step and for this same reason you may be thinking this exact notion as you read this post. You always think to yourself, if I have 25 days of leave and decide to travel on a major holiday a year it will take you around 15 years minimum to travel to the places you have always wished for. Is it better to just pack your belongings and just travel the world for a year or two? All these feelings went through my head before deciding that you just have to take the plunge. Of course, you may be leaving a life behind, and there is always that inner thought telling you different!

Think about it well, may it be while you jog or in your sleep. The most important underlying factor is that you only live once, there are several sites on Facebook which leave you in awe when you see places you have to visit in your life. It is possible to visit them if you just go. When we created both our website and blog we really gave it real thought as to why we would actually leave. After some opposition from myself, mainly because of certain issues which were important at the time, I finally decided that travelling be it for 6 months or a year, will be beneficial for your future career as you will encounter different cultures which will really make you open your eyes and see what really is out there! Two weeks ago, we travelled to Mexico to visit the Mayan Riviera, as we booked a tour to Chichinitza, we were told about the poverty encountered in the jungles of Mexico… it wasn’t until we experienced it with our own eyes that we really thought of how lucky we can truly be. An eye opener for anyone.. you can experience pure luxury in Cancuns resorts merely 1 hour away from the catastrophic poverty found in inner mexico. These life experiences make our travels more exciting and challenging at the same time. Check out our next post on Mexico this week.

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Step into Gibraltar’s Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Ever wondered what it must feel when you first gaze at the enormous limestone rock standing at the entrance to the Mediterranean?  First time visitors to Gibraltar feel different when they first set eyes on our Rock.  Locals are accustomed to the daily feature that is the Rock, but we should remember that visitors here are amazed with such an impressive feature which seems awkward with the surrounding setting. 

During my student years abroad in the United Kingdom I remember exactly that feeling as I approached Gibraltar in the 11:50 arrival from Gatwick, slight nerves and eagerness to arrive, then suddenly there it was…

It is for this same reason that this article concentrates on the wonderful features that are available on our Upper Rock Nature Reserve.  Upon your visit to Gibraltar, one cannot forget to visit the Upper Rock.  I recently travelled to the Reserve in search of a new experience, at first I did not know myself what I would discover different. The different sites as Apes Den and Great Siege tunnels have been vastly renovated which can now accommodate and feature more historical artefacts.

The amount of historical information gathered from the tour is immense; visitors to Gibraltar are guaranteed to learn about the many fascinating stories in relation to our history.  Not only will visitors have the chance to visit the sites they will also leave with a great recollection of history.  

To many Gibraltar is known for the Apes and its VAT shopping, however, Gibraltar offers much more than it actually meets the eye. Visit Gibraltar for its diverse historical knowledge, fascinating landscape views and most importantly visit St Michaels Cave, which is a natural formed cave with its own auditorium.

The most notable features which are worth highlighting are;

St Michaels Cave:

A visit to this cave will certainly intrigue your vision and mind.  The chilling breeze as you enter the cave is a relief from the outside warmth.  Once inside be amazed, it had been several years since I had last visited the cave and I must say that it astounds me every time I visit. Its formations of stalactite’s and stalagmites impress any visitor.

Apes Den:

Since its renovation Apes den has become a functional greeting place between the apes and the daily visitor. My experience was rather impressive as the bus driver was attending to the visitors as he  battled the Barbary macaques from entering the bus, all in all a fun experience and even greater to see  a smile on everyone’s face.

Great Siege Tunnels:

I was quite impressed with the Great Siege Tunnels recent renovation.  New artefacts make these impressive man made tunnels a more impressive feature within the Upper Rock.  The tunnels are equipped with modern equipment which certainly impressed a local visitor and from what I gathered my touring group were also impressed.

In conclusion to my visit to the Upper Rock Nature reserve, I must state that it is a pleasure promoting such a destination as Gibraltar, full of history and vivid in culture, Gibraltar’s tourism product is certainly heading in the right direction towards future visitor satisfaction.
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Top 10 things to do in Gibraltar, southern Spain & Morocco!

Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco have such an array of activities and tours to cover most peoples likes and just as a taster, organising from kite surfing in Tarifa to paint balling in Sotogrande, doom buggies to horse-riding gazing at the panoramic backdrop of Gibraltar.  Camel riding to cooking your own Moroccan cuisine in Fez, Morocco.  The possibilities are endless; my favourite has to be spending the night in your own self equipped Moroccan tent, comfort at its best, in the middle of the Saharan Dessert, have you ever thought of that?

So below is a list of our top 10 things to do in the region.
10.          Mountain Biking       

Sometimes there are just certain Routes you have to take! Why not enjoy the pleasure of bike riding and unrivalled routes… although at number 10, this certainly is an experience as you pace yourself through some routes which you wouldn't call on this region.

9.            Gibraltar’s World War II Tunnel networks. 

A must do while you are in Gibraltar, if you reside in here, then come and visit this magnificent network of tunnels and gather a taste of our historic heritage, the tunnels allow you the ability to experience a taste of life for the soldiers of this ‘garrison in the dark'.

8.            Quads in Tarifa. 

At number 8…… an experience to be lived with a group of friends. Having various organised quad routes we are looking to thrill you whilst you enjoy the journey around the Natural Park of the Straights. Driving through tunnels, over the high dunes and across beaches, rivers and bridges, all this while climbing and descending exhilarating heights.

7.            Horse Riding
Ever wanted to live an unforgettable rising experience, ride a horse through the beaches and dunes of the region, whilst you gaze at Gibraltar’s fantastic backdrop.

6.            Wreck diving    

Gibraltar's has over 30 wrecks to explore; Gibraltar's diving gives another dimension to the adventurer.  Europa Reef is a well-known point for divers and offers the more adventurous underwater explorer the chance to find caves, drop offs and to see actual anchors of Phoenician and Roman ships that still remain on the sea bed. Join us on one of our Photography Tours to find out for yourself!  

5.            Windsurfing

We can organise wind surfing trips for you and your group. Imagine the wind acting as your motor and the sea as your destination, come and experience how the locals get away from the hustle and bustle.  With so much wind and such a beautiful setting windsurfing is an incredibly exciting activity.

4.            Hot Air Ballooning 

Enjoy the beauty of Marrakesh from above by taking a ride on our hot air balloon flight from La Palmeraie in the north-east corner of the city. As you fly over villages you will have superb panoramic views across the palm grove against the backdrop of the breath-taking Atlas Mountains.  This has to go in an number 4 simply because the top three are simply superb.  However, I would advise doing this next time you travel to Morocco.

3.            Camel Treks in the Sahara

Visiting the Sahara Dessert is a once in a lifetime experience. Envisage riding a camel through the Sahara with nothing around you and no sound apart from the footsteps of the camel on the soft sand. The sky is clear in the day and packed with millions of bright stars at night and a truly peaceful experience, rarely known to most of the busy western world.

2.            Sahara Desert Adventures     
Travel through the Sahara like you get to see in films. Get a group together for this as the bedroom tents fits up to three single beds or one large king size bed with the comfort of a hotel room. Each of the tents is linked to each other by smaller compartments which hold facilities such as hot shower, WC and a sink. The restaurant tent has four tables and the whole camp is covered by colourful Berber carpets and cushions.

1.            Skydiving

If you have ever dreamed of such a thing... why not try it.... After all you only live once... you will feel so upbeat you will want to dive again. We respect that you may want to start small... therefore why not try a tandem jump, where without an extensive prior training, you will live an exciting experience, connected to a highly qualified instructor.  I have placed Skydiving as our Number 1 Experience because we feel it is the most anticipated and adventurous really putting you off your comfort zone!
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Hotel Review: Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Ibiza

The last weekend in May saw the opening parties to one of the best day parties I have ever experienced. Along with Aiya Napa in Cyprus, Ibiza's Ushuaia's Opening was out of this world. We were surprised by our best buddy at Christmas, we spoke about having loved to experience this day time party and then...wait for it... he paid for a nights stay at the actual Ushuaia Hotel. Ushuaia is an exclusive hotel surrounded by a middle pool and chilling area, this is where the opening was held. We were fortunate enough to have a balcony view of the stage and party area, may I say that this experience is tremendous and not one to be missed! Although the nights stay may be well over 1,000.00 Euros, yes I know expensive... but, hey, once in a lifetime for sure!

The hotel room is modern, exclusive and to a certain point luxurious. Free flip flops along with several goodies like an "erotic kit" and Spanish ham in the minibar... the place is fully kitted out for a great party!

Its balcony overlooking the stage is amazing if you want to be comfortable but enjoying like if you were in the actual crowds.

View from the Ushuaia Hotel Room

A major drawback is certainly at the Check-in. We got there at 14:00 hrs and it wasn't until 16:00 hrs that we got our room ready. Why weren't they prepared for such an event! A question I have since asking management.

Apart from that disappointing anecdote, the rest of the afternoon and evening was a truly remarkable experience. World renowned deejays such as Luciano and Loco Dice played classic tunes which have certainly made me like techno house music a lot more! I used to only enjoy commercial house...

A small mention has to be said about a world class footballer who we came across outside my room. I couldn't believe it at first.. but there he was enjoying his night out... it is not everday you party with a £100,000 week footballer! He could probably buy all the rooms in the hotel if he wanted!

Well everyone, I just wanted to share this small post on my travels to Ibiza and my short stay at the Ushuaia Hotel. Watch this space for my full review of Ibiza and the wonderful Playa d'Embossa.

One tip I would like to give you all is if you are ever going to stay at the Ushuaia Hotel, I would mention to book early at least 6 months in advance. Also, VIP deck lounge is fantastic, you are secluded and with unlimited drinks this is certainly far better than being in the crowd which as the night goes on gets unbelievable... remember use your own balcony or get the VIP deals sorted!

If you by any chance lived it up in the Ibiza openings send us your stories. We would love to hear them from our fellow music travellers!

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File:Otto playing live at Ushuaia Ibiza.jpeg
Otto Knows playing live in Ushuaia

Thinking of going for the Opening Parties? Check out the Ibiza Spotlight Calendar right here for all line up and ticket information! 

Travel New Zealand in Style

If you are looking for the perfect, relaxing getaway or want a vacation full of non-stop adventure, New Zealand is the place to go. Booking a trip to New Zealand has never been easier with Seasonz luxury travel agency to help guide you along the way. The team at Seasonz is dedicated and privy to all there is to do and see, making sure that those travelling New Zealand see all that they possibly can.
A Relaxing Trip
If you are going on a New Zealand vacation and seeking to get pampered, look no further than Seasonz Travel. This agency will help you book your trip, handling everything from the spa trips you want to schedule to the types of literature you want to have set up in your room. With ten years of luxury travel experience handling clients’ wide array of needs, you can trust Seasonz to be prompt, professional, and most of all, correct. You can participate in activities like the Wellington Arts Tour, and spend the day immersed in New Zealand’s art and culture. The company will work with you to arrange your perfect vacation, so there is virtually no stress involved.

Site-seeing Trip
New Zealand is a beautiful land full of majestic natural beauty. If you are more of a sightseer and want to see as much of New Zealand on your trip as possible, then a set itinerary that is jam-packed with sightseeing activities could be for you. There are so many sites to see, from the luxury Bay of Islands boat cruise, where you will spend the day sailing on a catamaran through New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, to the Franz Joseph Glacier heli hike, where you will fly up the Franz Josef Glacier and hike through its mountainous peak.

Adventure Seekers
There is New Zealand luxury travel, and there is New Zealand adventure travel. While Seasonz helps with both, they offer more plans that will get your heart pumping than any other luxury travel agency. Take an entire day to participate in a Queenstown adventure day, where you will paraglide and skim over the tops of the pines, take a jet boat ride through the breath-taking Shotover Canyon, and jump from the towering heights of the Kawarau Bungy Bridge.

Whether you are looking for a romantic or relaxing getaway, or you want to be active and go out and sightsee and roam, New Zealand is the perfect destination! This country is full of so many wonderful sights, sounds, cuisine, and adventure; there is something for every traveler who sets foot on the land there.


Picture Perfect Gibraltar..

When you capture that perfect image with your camera a sense of gratification installs upon you.  For this same reason travel photography is an element of the tourism industry which yet had to be further developed, many companies around the world offer the chance for people to travel to remote places on the world to view and capture it at its best.  Digital photography is fast becoming an innovative form of travelling among enthusiasts and it is for this same reason that I would like to show you how Gibraltar and the South of Spain might be interesting for your next photography tour.

Gibraltar offers enthusiasts an array of possibilities in terms of photography, whether you enjoy panoramic or you simply like to capture the perfect portrait picture.  Gibraltar is a tiny peninsula situated in the Southernmost tip of Spain and has been a British colony since 1704, it is a place steeped in history and is well known for its 426 metre high Limestone Rock and the Barbary Macaques.  Although these are Gibraltar’s main known features, I can assure you that this place will astound you beyond imagination.  If you make the ascend up the rock to its 412 metre high accessible places you will be able to capture how brilliant of a location Gibraltar ever was as it stood at the entrance to the Mediterranean.  No wonder this was such an important fortress during the World War 2… Gibraltar’s tunnels housed General Eisenhower during the all-important axis vs. allies.  As you walk through these tunnels you will be able to capture how exactly the military lived day in day out.  Gibraltar has more tunnel roads than actual roads outside the Rock.

It is a place where you can capture a photo of 3 countries and two continents, I would say that is rather remarkable.  As you stand at the top of the Rock on the eastern side of the Rock you will be able to see the Mediterranean sea which blurs out into the far distance, on the western side you will gather a fantastic insight of Southern Spain and the all-important port of Algeciras.  However, the most fantastic photo is certainly of the Jebl Musa, part of the Rift Mountains.  26 kilometres from Gibraltar lies the wonderful continent that is Africa.  Morocco a fantastic place of which I shall also write about soon!

If you ever have the time to visit this world renowned piece of Rock placed at the entrance to the Mediterranean bring you digital camera with you. You will be amazed as to how enriched Gibraltar is in terms of capturing that right photo.

Check out soon for my next entry on Photography in Southern Spain, places enriched with cultural diversity and wonderful landscapes.

If you would like further news or information on Photography Tours in the area, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

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The Kempinski Hotel in Estepona, Spain

Living up to its name
One sunny afternoon in April… where…. Spains Costa del Sol.  I was invited to the Hotel Kempinksi Bahia in Estepona.  The general feel of this hotel lives up to its 5 star status.  After accepting an invitation to visit the hotel, I was amazed as to how a hotel in Spains Costa del Sol could still have so many surpirses within its grounds.  Unspoilt scenery and great ambience makes this hotel without a doubt one of the best hotels in the area.  If you are just visiting the hotel to enjoy its culinary greatness or you are staying for a few nights, the hotel can offer everything you can simply imagine.

Entrance and ambience
The hotel’s entrance is spacious and there is a great feel to it immediately as you walk into this fantastic hotel.  You will be greeted with a large foyer of which houses a bar and lounge.  On to the left you will find its reception, of which its staff always live up to the status Kempinksi hotels have always had.  A surprising feature of this hotel is that it attracts families as well as couples or business travellers.  All needs are catered for and there is a special emphasis as to how they can cater for all but at the same type they differentiate how they treat according to the clients needs.  Their concierge desk is very exciting with excursions to well known places up the coast as well as Gibraltar. 

MICE facilities
The Hotels MICE facilities are astounding, if you are ever in need of a venue of which you need private meeting rooms or spacious dining halls, the Kempinski Bahia is certainly the place to plan your next event.  Everthing is set within the hotel, however, all amenities are perfectly placed within different parts of the building.  Meeting rooms are fantastic and rates are even more attractive to any type of customer considering it is a five star hotel.  Its biggest hall can fit a total of 300 sit down guests and its smallest meeting room caters for 14 delegates.  Do also find out about its daily delegate rate, you will be surprised as to how well it is set out.

Guest rooms at the Kempinksi are varied and unique, from side sea view to actual junior suites on the higher upper floors.  Rooms are wonderful to enjoy that needed holiday and ticks all the boxes within the five star category.  I had the luck of actually visitng the Presidential Suite on the top floor.  This was simply a fantastic experience, the photos will show how good of a suite this was, a top floor obsevotry with its own bar facilities and telescope make this room a must for any person with a healthy bank balance!  For those bank accounts like mine, standard rooms offer amentiies not seen in many 5 star hotels in Spain.

Grounds and gastronomy
The hotels grounds and its restaurants offer what for me was the uniqueness and profoundity this hotel actually had.  I was amazed as to how large its grounds were, its worth mentioning that the hotel sits peacefully 5 meters from the beach and its grounds and pools lie there too.  A great feel when you simply want to lay on the beach or just sit back and relax by the pool area.  Its outdoor restaurant lies within the grounds of the hotel and is simply wonderful to sit and eat its organic food which is cultivated in the exterior gardens of the hotel.  Take a look at some of the photos to see what exactly im writing about, a picture is worth more than a 1000 words, at least that’s what I believe!


We all know the nature of the beast in terms of the economy in Spain and how cash stricken it has become, however hotels such as these inspire a great confidence in travellers such as myself.  Prices are kept to a five star category but they are not overpriced in any way.  The hotel offers a great deal of amenities that can be enjoyed at very competitive prices.  What I mean to say with this is, that the level of this hotel is brilliant when you would think that a downturn economy could somehow have a detrimental effect on hotels such as the Kempibnksi.  I can guarantee this is not the case, Look at the gallery and see how one of the little gems of the Costa del Sol has not yet been uncovered.
If you would like more information on the Kempinski Hotel, please do not hesitate to contact us on:
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