The Wonderful World of Birds!

I have never been into birdwatching until I went on a trip with a very talented biologist last week.  Owner of a company in Tarifa Southern Spain runs his own business showcasing the wide array of species around the area.  Many interested parties travel to Morocco and the north of Spain when they wish to visit a birding destination.  I met up with Javier Eloriaga from Tarifa birding Tours who showed me around La Janda, an area full of different birds which settle there when they migrate both in the summer and winter.

La Janda can be accessed by car or by foot, make sure you wear the correct apparel for this as it will be extremely hot in the summer months.  March and April are the most successive months to watch birds migrating back for the summer from Africa.  The common egret in the area begins to nest its breeding zone within most of the area, a sight to be seen by all as you see the egret prepare for its offspring.  Many areas within La Janda provide the naturalist a fantastic insight as to how much flora and fauna, apart from the different species of birds, the area provides.  A short drive away from La Janda is Vejer de la Frontera, an area where the Ibis has settled in the past few years to prepare its nests.  A must see especially as you drive into town.

Gibraltar being one of the most famous birdwatching migration routes also had to be visited upon our tour.  We visited the Upper Rock Nature Reserve where we searched for the famous Barbary Partridge which is now hardly seen in the area.  As we searched through the blazing April afternoon we set eyes on the Partridge on the Rocks eatern face.  The partridges have been accustomed to be seen here as there is little human movement.  During migration periods you will be able to see different types of astonishing birds migrating back to northern Europe as their homes become warmer.

Our last stop of our tour was Bolonia close to Tarifa, one of the surfing capitals of the world.  Once in Bolonia we drove up to Playa de los Lances a popular visitng area where you will be able to have a glance at the Bald Iris Eagle, this was a fantastic experience as they are remarkable to just gaze as they glide through the sky.

There are many other interesting features within Andalucia related to Birdwatching.  I have just featured a mere few, if you wish to find out more please contact us and we will direct you to the right people who know the area.
Safe travels!
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Featured Photography: Karon Yusifredo

Disneyland Paris - what not to miss!

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland is always a favourite destination for those families with young kids, for the couples wanting to have fun and for those young at heart. It is a destination that fills your heart with imagination and inspiration and truly is the happiest place on earth.

What not to miss whilst your in the Magic Kingdom

I've had my fair share of Disney holidays (about 10 times... I have now lost count!) and these are just a few of my recommendations of what not to miss :

Big Thunder Mountain

Not the fastest or tallest roller coaster you will see at Disneyland, but its certainly one of the most fun ones. The kind that makes you want to run round back to the entrance line to get on again!

Peter Pan Magical Flight

One for everyone in the family, kids will love seeing Peter Pan and friends, mums will love being whisked away and dads will love seeing the engineering ingenuity of the ride.

Space Mountain

Not for the weak heart! This adrenaline pumping ride will make your heart soar, it feels like a 3 minute ride but it is totally worth the wait.

It's a Small World!

This joyful ride will certainly make you come out of it a little happier! Its a wonderfully sang story of how we are all connected in this world. Great for all the family!

Tarzan's Encounter

This incredible show of acrobats and gymnasts will immerse you into the jungle like never before! An entertaining show which tells the tale of Tarzan and Jane through high flying, zip wiring and trampolining! One of the best shows I have ever experienced at Disney (Topped Mulan and Lion King). Be warned though, this show only occurs between June and September of some years and before 2012, it hadn't been showcased for a quite some time.

All the Parades

There is nothing more magical to your child than seeing their favourite Disney character parading right next to them. Watch all the parades as they are an increible sight which take you on a wonderful journey through all the Disney Classics!

Enjoy Disneyland Paris as much as you can and try not to miss out on these wonderful attractions. My review on Disneyland Paris Studios to come next!

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Top 4 Tips when travelling to Andalucia!

In the last 12 years I have been moving around Andalucia more often than not.  Next time you visit this enchanting province of Spain, which may I say has to be in the top three of provinces in mainland Spain, bear in mind the following tips which may help you become acquanited to the Andalucian spirit.

Getting to Andalucia

Traveling from the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe has become easier in the past decade.  Airports such as Malaga has extended its routes as well as its terminal building.  Malaga Airport has become a very large airport fit for this modern influx of tourism in the Costa del Sol.  However, if you can avoid travelling to Malaga airport do so, its logistics is manic and you could end up taking over 1 hour in getting into arrivals.  My suggestion to you would be to either use Seville or Jerez when you travel to Andalucia.  These minor airports are becoming ever popular and are easily accessed from the Costa de la luz.  This coast of Spain is an area favourite for Geman holiday makers.  I would suggest you visit this side instead of the busy Costa del Sol which offers cheap and sometimes negative experiences to clients.  I have been to the Costa de la Luz in the past few years and to a local its a far better area than the already famous Costa del Sol.

If you have the chance to fly to Seville and then get transferred to Sancti Petri near Chiclana I would highly recommend this for you.  Its sandy beaches and brilliant nightlife along with its gastronomy will be the same if not better than the ever famous Benalmadena or Puerto Banus.

Bodegas Bodegas

Andalucia as you may well know is rich in wine and its food.  For this same reason you will have to try the different destiantions within the province which offer all the best wine cellers in the world.  The Domecq bodega is one of the most famous situated in Jerez, sherry capital of the world.  Do not miss a trip to Jerez as you will be able to enjoy fabulous horse shows as well as wine and tapas tasting routes.  The coastal city of CADIZ, known as the capital of the Cadiz province is situated in the Costa de la Luz region where you will enjoy its fantastic gatronomy as well as its charming people.  Another destiantion within the heart of Andalucia is Ronda, a town situated in inland Spain is set at the famous Tajo bridge... be sure to shout out down the famous gorge where you will here your echo for at least 8 seconds.

Avoid the "Tourist Friendly" restaurants

Like in any other destination in the World look out for the scam restaurants, like I call these restaurants as they will add their taxes as to how they please.  These restaurtants are located in seaside resorts and offer a set menu at a price only to see your final bill have extras included.  I cannot vouch for all restaurants but I have had a fair share in the past of which cannot be trusted.  If you have visited this wonderul area, why not try the typical Spanish restaurants set in the fishing marinas, one that comes to my mind everytime, is set in Estepona's fishing marina... the name of which I will unfold in another feature of "Anadalucian restaurants not to miss out on" this specifc restaurant offers the freshest sea food you will ever come across... be sure to make it early and not after 14:30 for lunch... you will simply have to wait in line.

Half and Full boards

Many hotels in the Costa del Sol will offer clients the half board or the all inclusive option when they book at an hotel.  Make sure this is a 4 or 5 star, the reason I inform you of this is simple, standards in peak summer season is not always a must in minor 3 star hotels and therefore, risks of health and safety come into place.  Be sure that your hotel offers this option at a reasonable rate and not at a very low rate.  Standards could be very low and will cost you a fortune to relieve yourself from that unwanted stomach bug.  Our suggestion to you would be to have the all inclusive service if you are looking to stay within the resort and have no intention of travlleing for lunch or dinner.  If you have the means, why not try the town or cities favourite Spanish tapas bar or restaurants.

The above hints have been rpepared for you in accordance to our experience which have been plenty in the past.  I am very accustomed to the ways of both coasts in Spain.  If I were to recommend you one I would certainly say the Costa de la Luz which is enchanting to all groups of any age and sizes.

Safe travels!
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Gibraltar Restaurant Reviews

Calling all food lovers out there! If you ever travel to Gibraltar why not enjoy its wonderful gastronomy.  Many nationalities have visited Gibraltar in the past, they have certainly left an imprint in their gastronomy.  The following top four restaurants are certainly Gibraltar’s must visit.

Cafe Solo - Goat's Cheese Salad 

1.       Lying adjacent to main street is Irish town a side street to the bustling shopping area of Gibraltar.  A quaint restaurant under the name of Café Rojo, we have decided to place this restaurant on the top of restaurants.  Its décor and ambience certainly highlights what this restaurant offers its clients.  Restaurants thrive on good food and service, for this same reason both of these are on par.  Its elegant food and wine menu highlights the culinary indulgences of the region along with the best of wines.  If you do visit this restaurant look for the duck, its sweet aroma served with a nice glass of rioja wine will make the evening unforgettable. 

2.       Casemates square houses Gibraltar’s hub of restaurants and bars.  Within all the restaurants lies Café Solo.  Although not first on our list Café Solo also deserves to be at the top of culinary experiences on the Rock.  A wide selection of Italian pasta and local dishes make Café Solo stand out from the other restaurants in the area.  In the summer, dine with the summer breeze as you sit outside with the buzzing atmosphere Casemates Square has created.

3.       At the end of Main street lies a restaurant which also deserves to be up there.  Mamma Mia, a locally owned Italian restaurant run by a local family offers the best of Italian food.  Being small in size, this certainly does affect its general setting.  Service is excellent and their knowledge about food is second to none.  The owner a true Gentleman will greet you with a smile and be the perfect host.  If you are ever in need of a different dish, dine at Mamma Mia’s, every bite will get a "Mamma Mia!" out of you.

4.       The fourth restaurant on our list is Charlie's Restaurant in the Marina bay complex.  Both an American dining experience and the best of Indian food can be tried at this restaurant.  Passage to India also features in its menu, a wonderful Indian restaurant based in La Duquesa Spain.   If you enjoy your barbeque food and big plates you will certainly enjoy a night out at Charlie's.  Its adjacent bar area can get you going for those after drinks on a busy night out.

All the above restaurants were tried by us and have no affiliation.  If you are in Gibraltar for three or four days I would suggest you pop into every one of them as you will leave with a nice smile and full stomach.

Happy Dining.