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If you are looking for the perfect, relaxing getaway or want a vacation full of non-stop adventure, New Zealand is the place to go. Booking a trip to New Zealand has never been easier with Seasonz luxury travel agency to help guide you along the way. The team at Seasonz is dedicated and privy to all there is to do and see, making sure that those travelling New Zealand see all that they possibly can.
A Relaxing Trip
If you are going on a New Zealand vacation and seeking to get pampered, look no further than Seasonz Travel. This agency will help you book your trip, handling everything from the spa trips you want to schedule to the types of literature you want to have set up in your room. With ten years of luxury travel experience handling clients’ wide array of needs, you can trust Seasonz to be prompt, professional, and most of all, correct. You can participate in activities like the Wellington Arts Tour, and spend the day immersed in New Zealand’s art and culture. The company will work with you to arrange your perfect vacation, so there is virtually no stress involved.

Site-seeing Trip
New Zealand is a beautiful land full of majestic natural beauty. If you are more of a sightseer and want to see as much of New Zealand on your trip as possible, then a set itinerary that is jam-packed with sightseeing activities could be for you. There are so many sites to see, from the luxury Bay of Islands boat cruise, where you will spend the day sailing on a catamaran through New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, to the Franz Joseph Glacier heli hike, where you will fly up the Franz Josef Glacier and hike through its mountainous peak.

Adventure Seekers
There is New Zealand luxury travel, and there is New Zealand adventure travel. While Seasonz helps with both, they offer more plans that will get your heart pumping than any other luxury travel agency. Take an entire day to participate in a Queenstown adventure day, where you will paraglide and skim over the tops of the pines, take a jet boat ride through the breath-taking Shotover Canyon, and jump from the towering heights of the Kawarau Bungy Bridge.

Whether you are looking for a romantic or relaxing getaway, or you want to be active and go out and sightsee and roam, New Zealand is the perfect destination! This country is full of so many wonderful sights, sounds, cuisine, and adventure; there is something for every traveler who sets foot on the land there.


Picture Perfect Gibraltar..

When you capture that perfect image with your camera a sense of gratification installs upon you.  For this same reason travel photography is an element of the tourism industry which yet had to be further developed, many companies around the world offer the chance for people to travel to remote places on the world to view and capture it at its best.  Digital photography is fast becoming an innovative form of travelling among enthusiasts and it is for this same reason that I would like to show you how Gibraltar and the South of Spain might be interesting for your next photography tour.

Gibraltar offers enthusiasts an array of possibilities in terms of photography, whether you enjoy panoramic or you simply like to capture the perfect portrait picture.  Gibraltar is a tiny peninsula situated in the Southernmost tip of Spain and has been a British colony since 1704, it is a place steeped in history and is well known for its 426 metre high Limestone Rock and the Barbary Macaques.  Although these are Gibraltar’s main known features, I can assure you that this place will astound you beyond imagination.  If you make the ascend up the rock to its 412 metre high accessible places you will be able to capture how brilliant of a location Gibraltar ever was as it stood at the entrance to the Mediterranean.  No wonder this was such an important fortress during the World War 2… Gibraltar’s tunnels housed General Eisenhower during the all-important axis vs. allies.  As you walk through these tunnels you will be able to capture how exactly the military lived day in day out.  Gibraltar has more tunnel roads than actual roads outside the Rock.

It is a place where you can capture a photo of 3 countries and two continents, I would say that is rather remarkable.  As you stand at the top of the Rock on the eastern side of the Rock you will be able to see the Mediterranean sea which blurs out into the far distance, on the western side you will gather a fantastic insight of Southern Spain and the all-important port of Algeciras.  However, the most fantastic photo is certainly of the Jebl Musa, part of the Rift Mountains.  26 kilometres from Gibraltar lies the wonderful continent that is Africa.  Morocco a fantastic place of which I shall also write about soon!

If you ever have the time to visit this world renowned piece of Rock placed at the entrance to the Mediterranean bring you digital camera with you. You will be amazed as to how enriched Gibraltar is in terms of capturing that right photo.

Check out soon for my next entry on Photography in Southern Spain, places enriched with cultural diversity and wonderful landscapes.

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The Kempinski Hotel in Estepona, Spain

Living up to its name
One sunny afternoon in April… where…. Spains Costa del Sol.  I was invited to the Hotel Kempinksi Bahia in Estepona.  The general feel of this hotel lives up to its 5 star status.  After accepting an invitation to visit the hotel, I was amazed as to how a hotel in Spains Costa del Sol could still have so many surpirses within its grounds.  Unspoilt scenery and great ambience makes this hotel without a doubt one of the best hotels in the area.  If you are just visiting the hotel to enjoy its culinary greatness or you are staying for a few nights, the hotel can offer everything you can simply imagine.

Entrance and ambience
The hotel’s entrance is spacious and there is a great feel to it immediately as you walk into this fantastic hotel.  You will be greeted with a large foyer of which houses a bar and lounge.  On to the left you will find its reception, of which its staff always live up to the status Kempinksi hotels have always had.  A surprising feature of this hotel is that it attracts families as well as couples or business travellers.  All needs are catered for and there is a special emphasis as to how they can cater for all but at the same type they differentiate how they treat according to the clients needs.  Their concierge desk is very exciting with excursions to well known places up the coast as well as Gibraltar. 

MICE facilities
The Hotels MICE facilities are astounding, if you are ever in need of a venue of which you need private meeting rooms or spacious dining halls, the Kempinski Bahia is certainly the place to plan your next event.  Everthing is set within the hotel, however, all amenities are perfectly placed within different parts of the building.  Meeting rooms are fantastic and rates are even more attractive to any type of customer considering it is a five star hotel.  Its biggest hall can fit a total of 300 sit down guests and its smallest meeting room caters for 14 delegates.  Do also find out about its daily delegate rate, you will be surprised as to how well it is set out.

Guest rooms at the Kempinksi are varied and unique, from side sea view to actual junior suites on the higher upper floors.  Rooms are wonderful to enjoy that needed holiday and ticks all the boxes within the five star category.  I had the luck of actually visitng the Presidential Suite on the top floor.  This was simply a fantastic experience, the photos will show how good of a suite this was, a top floor obsevotry with its own bar facilities and telescope make this room a must for any person with a healthy bank balance!  For those bank accounts like mine, standard rooms offer amentiies not seen in many 5 star hotels in Spain.

Grounds and gastronomy
The hotels grounds and its restaurants offer what for me was the uniqueness and profoundity this hotel actually had.  I was amazed as to how large its grounds were, its worth mentioning that the hotel sits peacefully 5 meters from the beach and its grounds and pools lie there too.  A great feel when you simply want to lay on the beach or just sit back and relax by the pool area.  Its outdoor restaurant lies within the grounds of the hotel and is simply wonderful to sit and eat its organic food which is cultivated in the exterior gardens of the hotel.  Take a look at some of the photos to see what exactly im writing about, a picture is worth more than a 1000 words, at least that’s what I believe!


We all know the nature of the beast in terms of the economy in Spain and how cash stricken it has become, however hotels such as these inspire a great confidence in travellers such as myself.  Prices are kept to a five star category but they are not overpriced in any way.  The hotel offers a great deal of amenities that can be enjoyed at very competitive prices.  What I mean to say with this is, that the level of this hotel is brilliant when you would think that a downturn economy could somehow have a detrimental effect on hotels such as the Kempibnksi.  I can guarantee this is not the case, Look at the gallery and see how one of the little gems of the Costa del Sol has not yet been uncovered.
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The Travelling Postcard  

A little town in the French Riviera


The best of the French Riviera...

Back in June 2002, I first visited this quaint lovely looking seaside town in the heart of the French Riviera, known to many for its cruise port of call and its wonderful restaurant terraces, this place has enlightened me so many times that I just simply keep going back to it.  Its close proximity to the luxury that is Monaco steeps it even further into being a unique destination.  I won't continue anymore without metioning its name... Villefranche - sur - mer if you ever get the chance to visit you won't be dissapointed if small quaint towns are of interest to you that is.

The coastal town adjoined to Nice serves as a port of call for many big liners as its gifted with significant depths, it has become the most visited cruise ship port in the whole of France.  However, if cruising is not to your liking I would suggest you find a cruise activity ship to the town before you visit as the town is best visited during the September months when the calid warmth of summer is about to be replaced by the Autumn brisk.  Sit down at any of the restaurants or cafeterias in its back streets and you will certainly fall in love, do make sure you sip a tasteful drink at precisly 19:36 or so where you will see the ecplise of the night turning the town into a romantic paradise.


Last September I last visited Villefranche and stayed at the Welcome hotel, my faviroute part of the hotel is the cabin suite located on the top floor where you will just gaze at the fantastic panoramic views across its bay.  It will be more than once that you visit its wine bar " Le Wine Pier..." its Spanish Rioja is enchanting. I must say the French people have it all that better. 

On the gastronomical side of the town I would reccomend this wonderful restaurant called L'Oursin Ble, its menu of French cuisine is simply out of this world. Presented finely, I must reccomend the Scallops with cheese, it will make you want to meet the Chef, who by the way an enchanting gentleman that makes regular visits to diners tables. Bon appetit.

The town also bosts of having both religious and histroical monuments which may be of great interest to those with histroic abundance, I would reccomend the small train that runs through the town if you want a panoramic tour.  Apart from these little mentions I have scrolled down here today, may I say if you enjoy scenic beauty, wine and franch cuisine, without a doubt Villefranche is your next relaxing destination in the Cote de Azur.

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