Welcome to Miami!

Miami… known for its tropical weather and expensive shoreline properties, the 42nd largest city in the USA must surely be ranked in the top 10 for entertainment and overall satisfaction.  What a place, arriving from London Heathrow in the middle of June, our final destination was Cancun Mexico, however that deserves a post on itself.  We left Gibraltar, place of origin at a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius, arrived in the UK at 13 degrees and then finally arrived in  Miami  where I need not saying how warm it was.  Upon arrival, we immediately found a taxi that actually fit our needs, a 5 seater taxi with plenty of luggage space.  They never seem to stop amazing me, cars in the USA are brilliant, massive and no need for changing gears, I could get used to that! 

We had booked the Marriott South Beach for one single night.  Oh how we regret not staying longer, but for being a stop before our final journey, I now know I have to revisit this fantastic place.  When we arrived at the hotel I had forgotten how customary it is to tip every single person, they do provide a good service in comparison to some places in Europe!  The room faced actual South Beach and provided everything needed for a short stay.  Literally two seconds from the beach, we strolled through South Beach until we got to the best entertainment strip I have ever seen, fantastic restaurants, chill out music and the best cocktails to battle the heat. 

After many cocktails and some fancy food, we continued our walk through Ocean Drive and continued into the night.  An early night and an early wake up followed.  We hit the gym of which is amazing, everything needed and no one to disturb you, just the way I like Hotel Gyms.  Before hitting the beach and the famous outdoor shopping centre we enjoyed a continental breakfast and some of the best omelettes I have tried.  Ask for Maria, she preps them to the way you enjoy yours!

The Outdoor Shopping Centre, Bayside, is home to many brands of which I certainly enjoy, what a wonderful shopping Mall as my fellow Americans say…. Lunch was our favourite, Bubba Gump, need I say more, to many people in the USA it seems that it’s not very popular, and they may indeed be right, however I was looking forward to shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp.  We stuffed ourselves and enjoyed every second of it, it really took me back to the actual movie and how Bubba recited all the possible Shrimp combinations.  I was a very happy man after that.


Soon after this I was gutted when I heard that the Miami Heat Basketball team were playing the playoff finals on that same day.  Oh what I would have done to see that match which resulted in the Heat wining the season!  Well I guess we had to board our plane to Cancun.

If I had to sum up Miami in 2 words I would put it down to Truly Amazing,  from start to finish the complexity of attractions and restaurants will certainly be visited by us again in the near future, could this be a possible visit in 2014!?!? Soon we shall be posting of our pending travels, 2014 is going to be a continuous flow of travel blogging!

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To go or not to go ... That is the question!

Sitting on your chair, 5 minutes have just gone past Nine. Its that feeling cropping back again! As you stare out through your office window you may think more than once, is this what I really want from my life? It’s a major descision, travelling is a major step and for this same reason you may be thinking this exact notion as you read this post. You always think to yourself, if I have 25 days of leave and decide to travel on a major holiday a year it will take you around 15 years minimum to travel to the places you have always wished for. Is it better to just pack your belongings and just travel the world for a year or two? All these feelings went through my head before deciding that you just have to take the plunge. Of course, you may be leaving a life behind, and there is always that inner thought telling you different!

Think about it well, may it be while you jog or in your sleep. The most important underlying factor is that you only live once, there are several sites on Facebook which leave you in awe when you see places you have to visit in your life. It is possible to visit them if you just go. When we created both our website and blog we really gave it real thought as to why we would actually leave. After some opposition from myself, mainly because of certain issues which were important at the time, I finally decided that travelling be it for 6 months or a year, will be beneficial for your future career as you will encounter different cultures which will really make you open your eyes and see what really is out there! Two weeks ago, we travelled to Mexico to visit the Mayan Riviera, as we booked a tour to Chichinitza, we were told about the poverty encountered in the jungles of Mexico… it wasn’t until we experienced it with our own eyes that we really thought of how lucky we can truly be. An eye opener for anyone.. you can experience pure luxury in Cancuns resorts merely 1 hour away from the catastrophic poverty found in inner mexico. These life experiences make our travels more exciting and challenging at the same time. Check out our next post on Mexico this week.

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Step into Gibraltar’s Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Ever wondered what it must feel when you first gaze at the enormous limestone rock standing at the entrance to the Mediterranean?  First time visitors to Gibraltar feel different when they first set eyes on our Rock.  Locals are accustomed to the daily feature that is the Rock, but we should remember that visitors here are amazed with such an impressive feature which seems awkward with the surrounding setting. 

During my student years abroad in the United Kingdom I remember exactly that feeling as I approached Gibraltar in the 11:50 arrival from Gatwick, slight nerves and eagerness to arrive, then suddenly there it was…

It is for this same reason that this article concentrates on the wonderful features that are available on our Upper Rock Nature Reserve.  Upon your visit to Gibraltar, one cannot forget to visit the Upper Rock.  I recently travelled to the Reserve in search of a new experience, at first I did not know myself what I would discover different. The different sites as Apes Den and Great Siege tunnels have been vastly renovated which can now accommodate and feature more historical artefacts.

The amount of historical information gathered from the tour is immense; visitors to Gibraltar are guaranteed to learn about the many fascinating stories in relation to our history.  Not only will visitors have the chance to visit the sites they will also leave with a great recollection of history.  

To many Gibraltar is known for the Apes and its VAT shopping, however, Gibraltar offers much more than it actually meets the eye. Visit Gibraltar for its diverse historical knowledge, fascinating landscape views and most importantly visit St Michaels Cave, which is a natural formed cave with its own auditorium.

The most notable features which are worth highlighting are;

St Michaels Cave:

A visit to this cave will certainly intrigue your vision and mind.  The chilling breeze as you enter the cave is a relief from the outside warmth.  Once inside be amazed, it had been several years since I had last visited the cave and I must say that it astounds me every time I visit. Its formations of stalactite’s and stalagmites impress any visitor.

Apes Den:

Since its renovation Apes den has become a functional greeting place between the apes and the daily visitor. My experience was rather impressive as the bus driver was attending to the visitors as he  battled the Barbary macaques from entering the bus, all in all a fun experience and even greater to see  a smile on everyone’s face.

Great Siege Tunnels:

I was quite impressed with the Great Siege Tunnels recent renovation.  New artefacts make these impressive man made tunnels a more impressive feature within the Upper Rock.  The tunnels are equipped with modern equipment which certainly impressed a local visitor and from what I gathered my touring group were also impressed.

In conclusion to my visit to the Upper Rock Nature reserve, I must state that it is a pleasure promoting such a destination as Gibraltar, full of history and vivid in culture, Gibraltar’s tourism product is certainly heading in the right direction towards future visitor satisfaction.
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Top 10 things to do in Gibraltar, southern Spain & Morocco!

Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco have such an array of activities and tours to cover most peoples likes and just as a taster, organising from kite surfing in Tarifa to paint balling in Sotogrande, doom buggies to horse-riding gazing at the panoramic backdrop of Gibraltar.  Camel riding to cooking your own Moroccan cuisine in Fez, Morocco.  The possibilities are endless; my favourite has to be spending the night in your own self equipped Moroccan tent, comfort at its best, in the middle of the Saharan Dessert, have you ever thought of that?

So below is a list of our top 10 things to do in the region.
10.          Mountain Biking       

Sometimes there are just certain Routes you have to take! Why not enjoy the pleasure of bike riding and unrivalled routes… although at number 10, this certainly is an experience as you pace yourself through some routes which you wouldn't call on this region.

9.            Gibraltar’s World War II Tunnel networks. 

A must do while you are in Gibraltar, if you reside in here, then come and visit this magnificent network of tunnels and gather a taste of our historic heritage, the tunnels allow you the ability to experience a taste of life for the soldiers of this ‘garrison in the dark'.

8.            Quads in Tarifa. 

At number 8…… an experience to be lived with a group of friends. Having various organised quad routes we are looking to thrill you whilst you enjoy the journey around the Natural Park of the Straights. Driving through tunnels, over the high dunes and across beaches, rivers and bridges, all this while climbing and descending exhilarating heights.

7.            Horse Riding
Ever wanted to live an unforgettable rising experience, ride a horse through the beaches and dunes of the region, whilst you gaze at Gibraltar’s fantastic backdrop.

6.            Wreck diving    

Gibraltar's has over 30 wrecks to explore; Gibraltar's diving gives another dimension to the adventurer.  Europa Reef is a well-known point for divers and offers the more adventurous underwater explorer the chance to find caves, drop offs and to see actual anchors of Phoenician and Roman ships that still remain on the sea bed. Join us on one of our Photography Tours to find out for yourself!  

5.            Windsurfing

We can organise wind surfing trips for you and your group. Imagine the wind acting as your motor and the sea as your destination, come and experience how the locals get away from the hustle and bustle.  With so much wind and such a beautiful setting windsurfing is an incredibly exciting activity.

4.            Hot Air Ballooning 

Enjoy the beauty of Marrakesh from above by taking a ride on our hot air balloon flight from La Palmeraie in the north-east corner of the city. As you fly over villages you will have superb panoramic views across the palm grove against the backdrop of the breath-taking Atlas Mountains.  This has to go in an number 4 simply because the top three are simply superb.  However, I would advise doing this next time you travel to Morocco.

3.            Camel Treks in the Sahara

Visiting the Sahara Dessert is a once in a lifetime experience. Envisage riding a camel through the Sahara with nothing around you and no sound apart from the footsteps of the camel on the soft sand. The sky is clear in the day and packed with millions of bright stars at night and a truly peaceful experience, rarely known to most of the busy western world.

2.            Sahara Desert Adventures     
Travel through the Sahara like you get to see in films. Get a group together for this as the bedroom tents fits up to three single beds or one large king size bed with the comfort of a hotel room. Each of the tents is linked to each other by smaller compartments which hold facilities such as hot shower, WC and a sink. The restaurant tent has four tables and the whole camp is covered by colourful Berber carpets and cushions.

1.            Skydiving

If you have ever dreamed of such a thing... why not try it.... After all you only live once... you will feel so upbeat you will want to dive again. We respect that you may want to start small... therefore why not try a tandem jump, where without an extensive prior training, you will live an exciting experience, connected to a highly qualified instructor.  I have placed Skydiving as our Number 1 Experience because we feel it is the most anticipated and adventurous really putting you off your comfort zone!
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