Welcome to Miami!

Miami… known for its tropical weather and expensive shoreline properties, the 42nd largest city in the USA must surely be ranked in the top 10 for entertainment and overall satisfaction.  What a place, arriving from London Heathrow in the middle of June, our final destination was Cancun Mexico, however that deserves a post on itself.  We left Gibraltar, place of origin at a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius, arrived in the UK at 13 degrees and then finally arrived in  Miami  where I need not saying how warm it was.  Upon arrival, we immediately found a taxi that actually fit our needs, a 5 seater taxi with plenty of luggage space.  They never seem to stop amazing me, cars in the USA are brilliant, massive and no need for changing gears, I could get used to that! 

We had booked the Marriott South Beach for one single night.  Oh how we regret not staying longer, but for being a stop before our final journey, I now know I have to revisit this fantastic place.  When we arrived at the hotel I had forgotten how customary it is to tip every single person, they do provide a good service in comparison to some places in Europe!  The room faced actual South Beach and provided everything needed for a short stay.  Literally two seconds from the beach, we strolled through South Beach until we got to the best entertainment strip I have ever seen, fantastic restaurants, chill out music and the best cocktails to battle the heat. 

After many cocktails and some fancy food, we continued our walk through Ocean Drive and continued into the night.  An early night and an early wake up followed.  We hit the gym of which is amazing, everything needed and no one to disturb you, just the way I like Hotel Gyms.  Before hitting the beach and the famous outdoor shopping centre we enjoyed a continental breakfast and some of the best omelettes I have tried.  Ask for Maria, she preps them to the way you enjoy yours!

The Outdoor Shopping Centre, Bayside, is home to many brands of which I certainly enjoy, what a wonderful shopping Mall as my fellow Americans say…. Lunch was our favourite, Bubba Gump, need I say more, to many people in the USA it seems that it’s not very popular, and they may indeed be right, however I was looking forward to shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp.  We stuffed ourselves and enjoyed every second of it, it really took me back to the actual movie and how Bubba recited all the possible Shrimp combinations.  I was a very happy man after that.


Soon after this I was gutted when I heard that the Miami Heat Basketball team were playing the playoff finals on that same day.  Oh what I would have done to see that match which resulted in the Heat wining the season!  Well I guess we had to board our plane to Cancun.

If I had to sum up Miami in 2 words I would put it down to Truly Amazing,  from start to finish the complexity of attractions and restaurants will certainly be visited by us again in the near future, could this be a possible visit in 2014!?!? Soon we shall be posting of our pending travels, 2014 is going to be a continuous flow of travel blogging!

Happy Travels Friends
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