What to do in Gibraltar on a Budget

So Dylan and I had to save all our extra pennies and wondered what it is we could do in Gibraltar without spending a fortune and still not be stuck at home doing nothing. It was tough, but then we came up with a few ideas of cheap activities:


The Med Steps - If you are adventurous and love the outdoors, try the Mediterranean Steps. Apart from appreciating the views, it is an incredible work out leaving you feel refreshed and accomplished. If you are a local, its free entrance but a tourist only costs you £0.50 to get into the Nature Reserve by foot... cheaper than a Dairy Milk!

Photo by: Karon Yusifredo

Walk through the Alameda Gardens - The gardens are home to a vast collection of flora and fauna depicting Gibraltar's natural beauty. Occasionally, there are some organised tours throughout the year the next one coming up this Saturday 9th February, though there are no fees for this donations are welcome. You can also visit the newly refurbished Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park for £5.00 per adult.  

Book a squash or paddle court at the Victoria Stadium - You can check out all the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority's facilities here. Check out what's available and call them up to book a slot.  


Casemates Square - Enjoy a cup of tea in casemates square on a Saturday morning. It is wonderful to see Gibraltarians with their families as well as tourists enjoying the buzzing atmosphere in the centre of town. If you go around 12 noon you will be able to witness the re-enactment society role play through the streets of Gibraltar bringing its history to life. Casemates is also home to a lot of local events, markets and fairs. By checking out the Gibraltar website you can go on days which host some of these. A trip to the Gibraltar Crystal is worth a visit. 

Casemates Square, Gibraltar

Take a stroll through Catalan Bay - Considering how tiny Gibraltar is we have our fair share of beaches, take a trip down to Catalan Bay and enjoy having some tapas (if you can splurge try La Mamela Restaurant, right at the top of the hill of this beach, DELICIOUS!!). Be sure to go there before 5pm to catch some sunlight! 

Catalan Bay, Gibraltar

Take a picnic to Europa Point - This has also just been refurbished to include a park for young kids, a tribute to Sikorsky and great wide open spaces to enjoy a great afternoon. Most local buses can take you to and from Europa Point. 


The Gibraltar Museum  - Walk through Gibraltar's history at the Museum £2 per adult. It is located right at the centre of town, meaning you can enjoy a wonderful lunch in the centre followed by enjoying an afternoon of reading about Gibraltar through the ages.  

File:Moorish Baths Gibraltar Museum.jpg
Moorish Baths at the Museum

Upper Rock - Get yourself to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and visit Gibraltar's St Michael's Cave. If you are a local, the attractions in the Nature Reserve are free (just make sure to take your ID card), if not, its a £10.00 ticket fee. It is a great way to spend the afternoon, trekking through the reserve visiting all the attractions, the caves certainly not to be missed. 


Little Bay or Rosia Bay (a.k.a El Quarry) - Grab a book and relax in the sunshine at Rosia Bay. Locals love taking a trip to Rosia to sit in the sun and relax. It has a park for kids and a great location for BBQ's in the summer. 

File:Gibraltar - Rosia.jpg
Aerial view of Little Bay and Rosia Bay

Public Transport - Jump on a local bus and enjoy the serenity of having the wind breeze through your hair (if its an open top bus) and watching Gibraltarians go about their daily lives. Its a great way to do a panoramic tour the city without costing too much.  

If anyone has been to Gibraltar and can add further things to do here on a budget please add it to this list via the comments link at the bottom, it would be a great way to share further tips with people wanting to come here in the future!

Safe Travels Everyone,

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