Our Motorcycle Adventure in Hue - Vietnam

There is nothing like cruising on a motorbike through Hue's paddy fields. A great sense of Steve McQueen's and his love for motorbikes enriched my experience.  On our arrival into Hue from Hoi An we decided to book a motorcycle tour through the countryside. The experience is simply outstanding, we decided on being driven instead of using the motorcycles ourselves, we missed the chance of self riding them in Hoi An... what a mistake! Nevertheless, being taken is far better as you can experience the villages, paddy fields and magnificent countryside without having to concentrate on the road. 

Hue, Vietnam Countryside 

The tour begins visiting the Hue countryside

The experience cost us 15 USD each and took about 4 hours. The driver picks you up from your residing hotel, so make sure you book 24 hours in advance. The tour starts by roaming the city of Hue before heading into the countryside. 

As you drive through the fields you just cannot stop to realise how people's first world problems here is just to be alive, their pursuit of happiness is far easier than any European in my opinion. The way of life is an eye opener. 

The tour makes a short stop in a village so you can learn how the locals cultivate the land, especially for the rice industry. An 80 year old magnificent lovely lady showed us how she cultivates rice and the process involved with it. This process is all done with olden techniques, she made it seem so easy! 

We then were taken to the tomb of the 4th Emperor 

The tour continued with a visit to a temple / tomb which once belonged to the 4th Emperor, who ironically had over 500 wives. Remember to always take your shoes / flip flops off at the entrance to any temple.   

The Vietnam & Laos Border in the distance 

Shortly after this visit, we continued our tour to an American and French bunker which stood at the top of a mountain adjacent to the Lao border. Unfortunately, you cannot enter these connecting bunkers as Vietkong closed them for good back in the 1970's. This location was ideal for a group photo with us at the drivers seat. 

Sunset over the Perfume River 

The best was yet to come as the sun began to set onto a hazy mountain range. Our final stop was the pagoda tower in a temple close to a riverbank, what a backdrop scenery ...the sun setting, fishermen gearing up their nets, young monks getting ready for another brisk evening. The temple and the seven storey pagoda tower, each level as a representation leading to heaven, were simply priceless, an end to a fantastic day of being taken round the city, countryside and important locations, ending with a picture perfect sunset.

 Worth the 15 USD as you get to experience a whole lot and will overrun the initial 4 hours. Just remember to shout out 'HI HA' once your driver shouts out '1,2,3' 

Have any of our readers been to Hue, Vietnam? What were your thoughts on the town and what activities did you do there? 

Happy Travelling!

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