PhotoBlog - Historic Ho Chi Minh City - Remunification Palace and the War Museum

A few images from the Remunification Palace and War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

Dylan and I were so taken aback by the history Vietnam has brought to life in these two attractions. Located close to each other, a must see for any traveller to Ho Chi Minh City. 

It was the first set of attractions we visited after having landed coming from Europe and we instantly thought the palace looked communist. Inside was very plain and regimental and the bunkers were fit for any military operation. 

The War Museum left a mark on us as we drifted from room to room taking in all the information and most of all imagery that was being presented really portrayed life back then through the Vietnam war. 

Remunification Palace - Ho Chi Minh City 

War Museum - Ho Chi Minh City 

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