The Tubing Experience in Vang Vieng, Laos is not extinct!

The wonderful country that is Laos is home to superb gastronomy and harmonious people who live their life at a slower pace than locals in Thailand or Vietnam. 

We spent three days in the picturesque town of Vang Vieng, renowned by backpack travellers for it's once famous tubing which runs from one end of the river stream to another. 

Vang Vieng's beautiful landscape scenery

Being backpack travellers ourselves, we decided to go with the norm and experience tubing, it consists of hiring a floating tube and floating through the river as you stop at every bar located on the river bank. The bars offer you a free shot and a bracelet, drinks are not that expensive if you stick to beer or local rum! 

The Tubing Experience 

The experience starts in Vang Vieng, here you will visit the tubing start point. The hire of the tube is 50,000 kip plus an extra 20,000 kip as deposit, make sure you return the tube at a certain hour as you will lose your deposit! No questions asked! 

You will then have to wait for the taxi provided to fill up before you make your way to the initial bar at starting point. According to many travellers the tubing experience was awesome a few years back, however certain death related incidents has made the government act against the practice. The result being that from 12 bars along the river it now only houses 3 bars! Don't be dismayed, the three bars are more than enough I can assure you you won't be disappointed with alcohol levels.

Bar 1 - A shot and a bracelet at every stop

Enjoy an aqua park type ride but in the midst of the mountain jungle atmosphere and with a bunch of new friends! 

From a journey that would take around 1 hour to stream down river takes around 4 hours with bar time included! It is a fun way of spending a day out making friends and getting drunk. In my opinion bar 2 was awesome as it actually has a muddy basketball ring to enjoy whilst being under the effects of alcohol.

Vang Vieng's river - Beautiful views

One word of advice! Drink and have fun but do not attempt the swings on one of the bars as people have actually died from this practice! Apart from this minor call for the experience is amazing and has to be done whilst being in Laos. Food is also available at the last bar in case you start getting hungry! 

The G Adventures group we were with - Incredible people!

Call for a taxi at Bar 3 as the sun sets quickly over the mountains

As time flies by the afternoon quickly turns into nighttime and I would advise to call for the taxi as soon as you finish bar 3 as once it turns pitch black I can assure you it is nearly impossible to make it into the field with your tube back to the tubing shop, so be aware of the time!

At the end of our experience we lost our deposit for getting there late and we even nearly lost our Australian friend Charlie! Who decided to make it way down to the bottom! The Travelling postcard recommends this experience to anyone in search of fun!

Breath-taking Vang Vieng, Laos

Happy Travels

If you are currently organising your trip to Laos, make sure you get yourself one of these: 

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Struggling to Stay Fit Abroad? Tips to Stay on Track

My Fitness programe while I enjoy everything about travelling

Before I started Travelling I always carried out a daily fitness routine along with a diet which helped my fitness goals.

Having been away for nearly 2 months traveling through South East Asia I have had to come up with my own fitness plan. This would have not been possible without the help of my fitness trainer back home in Gibraltar, Stephen Evans who runs Rock Fitness showed me that anything is possible! So this post goes out to you buddy!

It's hard to keep up a diet and training scheme while travelling...

Well, here we go, on a daily basis or at least 5 times a week I will follow the following methods which assist in my core workouts along with my cardio fitness.


Even if you run a short 5k run or a 30 minute depending on your ability of fitness, anything is better than nothing. When you find yourself way from your duly routine when you travel, running is not only free but it is also a good way to build up your cardio fitness.

Hotel Room / Large Space Exercises 

Towel pull-ups are a good way to increase your back muscles and the best thing is you only need a steady door and a towel, push yourself up and make sure to build your reps every time you practice.

Backpack Pressups are my way of adding weight to normal pressups. This is an efficient way to increase back muscles. I have added around 12 kilos, try and complete 12 reps first time round!

Dips, complete a dips exercise by using two desperate beds or pool hammocks, this is a good exercise for your triceps.

Backpack Squats are a good way to increase the muscles in your upper legs, again by adding my backpack this serves as extra weight for your ecxerciae.

Burpees are a good way to increase both cardio and abs. Try and complete around 6 first time round, increase by 2 more evry day.

Sit-ups is the old conventional way of supporting your abs, try 25 reps for 4 sets and increase as you get stronger, make use to rest them properly.

Leg raises are a bit difficult to start off with, keep at it as this exercise is good for your lower abs.

Mountain climbers is fun! Or at least for me as I remember I used to find them really hard! They are good for your legs and abs! Make sure to contract your abs.

I hope the above exercises see adequate to you, they should be done in accordance with your ability. I learnt all these techniques and I am happy that I don't need to pay for a gym when these techniques work while you are away on holiday!

Happy exercising while you travel!


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Backpacker Central - Khaosan Road - Bangkok, Thailand

Travelling around South East Asia is really easy because most major cities have backpacker streets. Areas dedicated to us travellers, everything is always in one place. In Bangkok, its called Khaosan Road. This, together with Pub Street in Siem Reap, are my favourites. 

As soon as the tuk tuk driver indicates you are on the right street you are whirl winded through a series of emotions, from fear and worry to excitement and curiosity. It is a great place for those of you who just want to show up in Bangkok without having anything booked or planned as you have everything you need within walking distance. 

Facilities here include:

- Accommodation - From hotels to hostels you will find somewhere or someone who sells room nights right on the streets. 

- Cheap Food - There are food stalls lining these streets offering anything from Pad Thai and Pancakes to Spiders and Scorpions. Yep you can try these insects right here! 

- Markets - I absolutely love shopping and had to hold back as there were rows and rows of stalls selling everything imaginable. One mistake I made was bringing too much stuff with me, I should have left more things at home to have enough space for new things. Also, never buy things at the stated price... Haggle! 

- Travel Agents - If Bangkok is not going to be your final destination, there are lots of travel agents that can help with onward travel to all major locations. We got our transport to Siem Reap, Cambodia from there and also our bus and ferry tickets to Koh Tao.   

Khaosan Road is full of weird and quirky sights! 

Unfortunately, we only spent a day and night in Bangkok and couldn't really go sightseeing too much, but I am glad we stumbled across this place. If you are ever in Bangkok make sure you visit it!

Happy Travelling 

Make sure you have a good quality Camera for this Experience!

This one was ours : Go Pro 3+ - Photo and Video capturing every moment
Click on the image for more info. 

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