Travel Like A Local - Our Best Tip for Local Travel

For Westerners who plan on traveling to South East Asia, seeing places like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, there is one thing you shouldn't miss out on doing as soon as you step into a new town or city and that is to ask a local for their sightseeing and dining recommendations. It is the perfect way of getting involved into the local culture and the moment you become a traveller and not just a tourist.  

What You Will Get From Asking A Local 

Transportation Advice - What the best methods of travelling within the area are. For example to travel between Chiang Mai and Bangkok take an overnight sleeper train, something you may never have heard of being from small towns or cities back home (like us!).

Food Advice - People love to travel to new places to try out their local cuisine and it makes such a difference when going to where the locals eat. It is easy to get stuck into a restaurant on a busy street, with waiters welcoming you in, but turns out to be expensive and the opposite of local cuisine. Ask a local where to go and be ready to be sitting in the middle of Vietnamese families cooking your own meat over a clay BBQ. Delicious, cheap and heaps of fun! 

Sightseeing & Activities Advice - Get out of those guidebooks and right into the local culture by doing something different. Of course you do need to go visit a cities major attraction to engulf yourselves in it's history, for example you have to visit the Angor Wat complex to see what it is all about and that is a perfect tourist hub spot no matter the time of year, but by talking to locals you can also go to watch local Cambodian Aspara Dancing shows that you otherwise may have missed out on.  

Wherever in the world you are travelling to, make sure you ask a local for any advice as it will also get you more involved in learning their language and their culture and traditions. Make your trip unforgettable by doing things that only the locals do and turning your trip into a wonderful experience.

Happy Travelling!

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