Where to Eat in Gibraltar? Try The Little Rock Cafe in Casemates Square

Lying in the heart of Casemates square lies a tiny gem of a restaurant called The Little Rock Cafe. A true testament to the words "gastronomy at its finest". To give you a bit of history and to be able to fully immerse yourself in The Little Rock Cafe, let's start with its location ... Casemates Square was once used as a space for public executions many years ago and sits at the beginning of Gibraltar's now main retail hub, Main Street. Casemates has been transformed into a leisure area where restaurants, retail shops and cafes now house a vast array of treats for all tastes.  

The squares chambers themselves were once military barracks which were transformed into the restaurants that now serve the place. The restaurant gem in particular is our friendly and favourite The Little Rock Cafe!

The Little Rock Cafe has just undergone some refurbishment to it, aesthetically and on its new menu, now being served daily. Some of the new and tasty features to it look like this: 

Our favourite one in particular has to be the slow cooked (8hr!) Pulled Pork Burger. The meat is exquisite and just melts with each bite, its incredibly filling and a wonderful delight! 

The Little Rock Cafe is a popular restaurant with the locals and it is even able to host various types of events, from birthdays to baptisms, it can cater for 100 people inside and a further 80 people on their terrace.... it can even be closed exclusively for you for parties of 50 people or more! 

If you are in Gibraltar and stuck for a place to eat, head down to this place to reel in a bit of Gibraltar's history as it proudly displays some of the memorabilia of one of its famous owners and world renown artist - Albert Hammond OBE - you won't be disappointed! 

For further information on The Little Rock Cafe, check them out here >>Website  Facebook Contact

Visiting the Spanish city of Leon - What to See & Where to Eat

Leon is one of those cities that your heart falls in love with and can’t forget. A city that you wished you had discovered years ago and will go straight onto your ‘Top cities in the world’ list.

It is a humble city that boasts only 130,000 and the city used to be a separate Kingdom and holds all the wealth that a kingdom should. The cathedral is one of the greatest I have ever seen. Unknown for it’s beauty and outshines the most famous cathedrals in the world.

With it’s incredible architecture that is a cross between old Spain and antique Paris you will fall in love with the buildings, the shops and the infinite amount of places to stop for memorable coffee.

You will see many flocking from Madrid to enjoy the huge array of boutique shops that this small city offers with a train that only takes 2 hours from the centre to the centre.
If you like old cities with culture bursting from its seams, a huge array of shops to empty those pockets and incredible places to eat, then Leon is a city you need to discover.

Places to visit:
León Cathedral
Plaza de San Marcos
Gaudí's Casa de los Botines

Places to Eat:
Valenciano for Churro and Chocolate
Mona Lisa – Beautiful setting and the cheapest place for breakfast in the city
Casco antigo is where you go for late night  drinking among the old buildings.

La Masera Bakery – For the best fruit brioche in the world

Dylan's good friend Samuel Hextall tells us all about this beautiful place and how you just need to go visit it once in your life! 

Have you ever travelled here? Tell us all about it!