VIDEO: Experience Bali with Jacob Laukaitis

My name is Jacob Laukaitis, I'm 21, and I consider myself a digital nomad, which means that I can work and travel at the same time. I guess you could call me a full-time traveler, since I rarely spend more than a month in one country. Having such a lifestyle includes balancing work with exploration and discovery of the unknown places. The formula I use is to do all of the work-related activities first, most of which is focused on the company I co-founded,, and only then go on to the fun stuff.

My latest adventure in Bali was actually my third time there, although it was just as exciting. During that time I drove a cool custom-made motorbike everyday, climbed a 3150 meters' high Mt. Agung, found an abandoned Boeing plane in the middle of nowhere and went inside of a massive abandoned hotel.

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Happy Travelling everyone and thanks to Jacob for sharing this amazing video and pics with us! 

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