Highlights of NEXT LEVEL

Highlights of NEXT LEVEL

By Pastor Triumph-Abatan Oluyomi
[Living Faith Church, Osubi, Delta State]

* Next level means there's something good and better after the present phase. There's always a better day ahead, and there's always a better than the best for those who can visualize it and pursue it.

* Take one step at a time and always keep moving.
The Scripture painted the picture of our God as a progressive God: the account of creation showed us a God that kept creating day in day out and finished all He set out to do. He then moved on to other things - no abandoned projects with God.

* Our lives are like volumes of books, let's be mindful of the present paragraph, chapter and book of our lives and where next we're heading. (Psalm 40:7 Heb 10:7)

* Nothing works without principles.

* You can't make quantum progress holding to past failures and mistakes.

* The four leprous men only had handicapped bodies, their minds weren't; it produced quality thoughts that promulgated their progressive advancement. People are generally not moving in life because of the level of development of their minds.

That's why I don't join people to preach recession because despite the so called 'recession' people are still getting things done.
My friend check it, watch it, perhaps it's your mind that is recessed.

5 Scriptural Factors That Enhances Next Level.

1. Discovery of your life's purpose and prophecy.

Purpose answers the question of, "Why was I made?" "Why am I here?"

Prophecy talks about understanding what God has said specifically concerning you and your capabilities in this life.

* If you don't know where you're coming from, you may not know where you're going. If you don't know where you're going, everywhere you get to might look like it.
What a disastrous confusion!

* When you know your purpose, you have the key to your destiny delivered to you.

2. Develop the lifestyle of FAITH

* It's not enough to see your future, it takes the faith capacity to achieve it.
Faith talks of taking decisive actions on your belief via the backing of the Word of God.

* Purpose is a center of gravity, it requires faith capacity to gravitate towards that centre.

3. Decide to achieve and move forward.

That's a choice. Your life is your territory.

Esther 4:16
Esther said, "If I perish I perish."

* People that dear to perish don't eventually perish.

4. Act on the grounded decision.

Beat the iron red and when it is red hot you can change it to what you desire.

5. Arm yourself with love.

* It is the love for humanity, particularly the helpless, that guarantee for the next level.

Be a lover like Joseph, be a lover like Jesus.

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