Magical Mary

Magical Mary
By: Marine Yanikian-Sutton

The King Arthur legend has captivated me since I was a wee tot. When my friend named her son “Arthur,” I named mine Elyas-one of Arthur’s knights. It wasn’t Gwenavere I wanted to be, it was Morgan le Fay.  What was it about her that caught my attention?  It could have been the long flowing hair, her enchanting approach to life, or even the way Hollywood made her glide over thin air, parting the veil.

As an adult, I've come to realize that I am not Morgan and can never be Morgan, but I surely met one of her descendants during this last month. Magical Mary resides in Scotland and she weaves her captivating spells as surely as Morgan wove hers. 

Mary Mconnell of Star Therapies, a healer from Scotland, a gift from Liza Baker of Simply Health Coaching, entranced me a few weeks ago and in so doing, healed my soul. Before meeting her, my neuropathy controlled every minute. Pain in my hands and feet deterred me from every day responsibilities. My balance was likewise off. I had come to accept these symptoms and functioned in spite of them.

The distance evaporated as we connected via FaceTime.

"On a range of 1-100, how poorly do you feel?" She asked at the start of our session.

Mind you, I've been doing great for weeks. Mind-healed, body-thriving.

"I'm at about 70% today. I'm at the end of my fifth chemo session and all things considered, I guess I don't feel all that bad," I said.  Then after a slight pause, I added, "I can't stop the emotions that rage over me at times though. One minute I'm fine, and then it hits me, how monumental this is, and what I'm going through."

"Understandable," she said, "but by the time we are done, that number is going to shrink substantially."

The skeptic in me didn't want to believe her, but I've also become quite open-minded and wanted to give her a chance.  She was taking time out of her busy schedule to converse with me even though I lived on the other side of the planet.

"I'm going to teach you 5 techniques today.  Some may cause a great deal of pain and emotion to be triggered, others may not.  I will show you how to control your emotions through these exercises.  Watch me, then we'll do them together."

I did as I was told.

I watched.


Took notes.

She tapped, breathed, contorted, inhaled, pressed pressure points, and breathed some more. An hour later, I sat back. I felt more buoyant than I had in months.

There were no more tears to shed, I'd done that during the various exercises. I was left speechless.

"Well, how do you feel?"

My body felt lighter, no knots in my stomach, no sorrow in my soul. My mind could clearly complete a thought without being hammered with fifteen others. I felt as though I'd taken in the sunlight and it was radiating outward.

"As though you've given me the means with which to transform my perspective and ease my worries," I said.

She smiled.

"Are you sure you're not a magician?" I asked.

She laughed and responded, "Some people do call me Magical Mary, but all I did was guide you through some breathing exercises, teach you about a couple of pressure points, and showed you your own energy source."

"Well, from here on, I will refer to you as Magical Mary!" I said.

"Do you have time for one more activity or do you need to rush off somewhere?"

"My schedule is wide open these days. I write, read, and write some more."

"Well, this one is called Reiki.  You may want to lay down."

I sat up straighter in my chair. "No, that's okay. I'll sit."

"That's fine as well.  You will be closing your eyes when I tell you and breathe deeply. You may feel different sensations, see different colors, feel different emotions. Just be open to everything. I will talk to you at the end and ask you to open your eyes."

I nodded.

I closed my eyes, inhaling and exhaling deeply.  Meanwhile, I felt pressure starting around my skull and working down my neck, shoulders, arms. I felt warmth radiating from my heart outward and the strangest tingle of sensations in my legs.

"Alright my dear, open your eyes and come back to me."

I slowly opened my eyes, struggling to do so.

She smiled and asked, "Well, how do you feel?"

"As though you just gave me a full body massage. How is that possible when you haven't even touched me?"

She grinned and added, "You may need to lay down for about half an hour and take it easy the rest of the day."

Emotions welled up. "I don't know how to thank you," I whispered. Liza had healed my body and mind and introduced me to a jewel of a person.

 Southhills Burbank and Magical Mary  had given me the tools necessary to heal my soul.

"No thanks necessary, I'm just glad I was able to help.  If you really want to help, go onto Facebook and Like my page."

How can I deny such an easy request? I felt empowered as though I could go out and walk 2 miles without pain, gliding down the street. 

"We will meet again, you know," I said, "I'm a firm believer that once paths cross, it is forever."

She smiled and said, "You are always welcome here in Scotland."

"Sounds like a plan," I said back, "but as for now, all I can truly say is Thank you!"

(The breathing did wonders. It has enabled me to walk 15 miles between chemo sessions. Using the pressure points she taught me has controlled the neuropathy enough that I've stopped dropping everything I pick up. I'm not running into walls any longer and feel less afraid of driving.  All good things.)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

To contact Magical Mary, click on her name. To contact Liza Baker, click on her name.  To contact Southhills Burbank, click the highlighted link.

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