Tips for Growing your Trading Account

Growing your trading account only takes place through strengthening profit streams during trading. This needs a well-considered approach, coupled with skill and experience. If you’re a beginner in the field, then here are a few tips that we believe can help you alleviate risks and funnel more money into your account in the long run. 

1) Let go of greed during trading

A majority of people drawn to Forex trading in Vietnam are inspired by the idea of making money easy and quick. This conjures a state of urgency within a trader that only leads to bad judgment and losses. The impulsive mentality created by excessive greed creates a blockage of mental clarity that leads to inconsistent decisions. As a result, the first thing that you need to be aware of when trying to grow your revenues is to let go of the impatience in money-making. Attempting to ‘force’ money out of the system only ends up backfiring. Instead, one needs to apply a disciplined and well-strategized trading plan that adheres to logic. By doing this, you attempt to make money through a natural manner, in contrast to trying to ‘force’ it out. 

2) Learn to look at the broader picture 

Usually, traders bring too much focus on one particular transaction. What you need to understand is that your profits are not determined by one particular trade but by a series of trades made over a consistent period. As a result, one needs to be able to mentally detach himself from the outcome of a single trade, and have a broader plan that creates avenue for profit-making in the long run. In order to do this, one needs to sever his psychological bond to the amount of money that a single transaction offers. 
3) Learn to manage risk efficiently

To draw a strong current of profit into your Forex trading account, the prime necessity is the ability to regulate risk. A critical factor in the broader success of a trader’s career is the capacity to control risk with every trade and to manage their money effectively. To do this, have a clear determination of the area of comfort that you have on risking money, and make sure that you don’t exceed it when trading. 

4) Focus on retaining profit

After a winning trade, people are usually enticed into investing the profits in a larger transaction. If making money in the first trade is easier than expected, a person is lured into thinking that the same could be repeated a second time. After winning a trade, it is important to keep your emotions in check and to function within the boundaries of your trading strategy.

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