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ASDAH 2018 Conference: Call for Proposals

Come Speak—connect with friends and colleagues!DUE: DECEMBER 21, 2017
LINK: is seeking proposals for the 2018 Conference
August 3-5, 2018 – Portland, ORUniting Against Oppression:
Navigating the Learning Curves in the Health at Every Size® MovementSubmissions in the following areas are particularly desired:• Use of the HAES® approach as it intersects with specific populations
• Navigating online spaces and social media in the HAES® movement
• Addressing privilege and centering diverse voices in the HAES® community
• The HAES® movement past, present, and future
• What does it mean to practice the HAES® principles in an environment that does not support it?
• Utilizing a HAES® approach in transdisciplinary healthcare settings
• Training and equipping the next generation of HAES® scholars, practitioners, and activists
• New and emerging research on HAES®
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You Can’t Change Someone

(White text box with black text that reads: “You can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue with their actions.”Aprox. 9 minute readI came across the above-unattributed statement whilst scrolling my Facebook feed and whoa did it strike the nail right on the head! Whew! We need to talk about the people in our lives who abuse, shame, blame, and frame us! I would say especially this time of year, but no, these assholes are always dragging us down and we just allow it until, well, we don’t. I’m definitely of the “don’t” group more often than not, as I have learned far too many times the hard way that sooner is better than later with these jerks. Yeah, jerks! Okay, first of all, you can’t change someone else, in my opinion. You can influence, you can encourage and reinforce, but you can’t actually change another human being. Like, yes by knowing someone we all over time change, but that’s not what this is about. This is about the people in our lives we may, in fact, love, but who simply…

When “The Holidays” are Triggering…or worse!

(Image of small illustrated holiday tree with the following written above it:
Reminder: we don’t have to continue holiday traditions that leave us broke, overwhelmed, and tired.)
*Aprox. 7 minute readI came across this image and text whilst scrolling my FB feed and I instantly clicked and shared it to my own timeline, but then it wouldn’t leave my mind immediately and I realized just how much I’m processing and working through so much of my own stuff around this time of the year. My own current circumstances may differ than many/most, but I hope to alleviate some of the negative things we all think about and carry with us through this complicated season. This isn’t about religion at all, for me or for this post, but more about family dynamics, consumerism, societal obligations, and general toxic behaviors. I hope you will comment below with your own thoughts and feels and advice if you have them to share. These thoughts and feels are my own, no matter how unpopular. Ha!*****************…

Aidy Bryant Puts the Problem Where it Belongs

Before we get to the post, please take a moment to sign and share (or re-share) the petition for Esquire UK to pull the piece in which an author calls his 4-year-old child a “chubby fucker” and a “fat little bastard” and then says that he would kill all fat people. We’re starting to get some good traction and the media is starting to bite at the story! Another huge help would be Tweeting the celebrities who Giles Coren used in his article to fat-shame his 4-year-old son and asking them to speak out.They are:
@JKCorden, @onebiggins, @Adele, @PaulHollywood, @THERussellGrant, and @HackneyAbbottSample Tweet (you can either send one big Tweet or send one for each person:)I hope @JKCorden, @onebiggins, @Adele, @PaulHollywood, @THERussellGrant & @HackneyAbbott tell @EsquireUK to stop letting Giles Coren use them to body-shame a 4-year-old boy. Sign the petition #GilesCorenNow for today’s post:We live in a world that is chock full ‘o fatphobia. Some of it is at the ha…

Support This Blog If You Are Able

Dear Readers,It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that this blog’s hosting bill ($150 for the next year) is coming up in a few short weeks. I’ve lost my job and my unemployment benefits have not yet begun. I’m faced with the possibility of having to shut down my blog entirely and that breaks my heart. I know I have not written much in awhile, but I see my stats and the archives are still read, relevant, and valuable to many.If you are able, please consider donating any sum you see fit to support and keep the blog alive until I’m back on my feet again. It isn’t much to raise ($150), but I am hoping enough people can donate a buck or two in order to keep this little safe space alive another year.Donate here:*Edited to add that one donation of $15 has already been received! Thank you! <3I have never accepted advertising or sponsors of any sort. I have always been a firm believer in creative freedom and ownership of my writing. I want to write more, but…

The New #FATANDFREE Pictures

Before I get into the post today, I’m excited to tell you that got over 7,000 signatures in just two days on our petition to get Esquire UK to publish Giles Coren’s article on “fatherhood” in which he fat-shames his 4-year-old son and then says he kill all fat people.  This is really great momentum! The more people who are involved, the more pressure we put on Esquire UK so please take a moment to sign and share (or share again) to today’s post!If you haven’t heard of the #FATANDFREE campaign, you are missing out. The project was Ccreated by plus size model, fat activist, and body positive influencer Saucyce West and according to the press release:“Saucye presents a campaign that is showcasing fat, proud and beautiful women. What is different? She is telling women that once you embrace and love your body that will give you true freedom. She expresses that fat women are often kept in a box. Often told what they shouldn’t wear, what they shouldn’t eat. Even expre…

Preventing Complications After Cesarean in All Sizes of Women

In the United States, about 1 in 3 pregnancies end in cesarean. In some areas, the rate is even higher. Many women who have their first baby by cesarean will go on to have other babies by cesarean. That's a lot of cumulative exposure to cesareans, and a lot of potential complications from this common surgical procedure.

Therefore, learning how to prevent complications from cesarean surgery needs to be a high priority among care providers. Fortunately, there has been an increased emphasis on preventing post-surgical complications in the research in recent years.

It has been established that certain risk factorsincrease your risk for complications like surgical site infections (SSIs), endometritis (uterine infections), hematomas or seromas (collections of blood or fluid in the wound), and wound separations. These risk factorsincludethingslike:
having your waters broken for a long time before laborwaters broken for a long time during labor, especially with numerous vaginal examsbeing a …