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Keep Children in Rear-Facing Car Seats Longer

Image from Consumer Reports article cited belowAs we head into the new school year and the holiday weekend, it is a good time to remind parents and guardians to double-check their car seat usage.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued new guidelines suggesting that parents keep their young children in rear-facing car seats until they reach the height or weight limits of that seat. 

In other words, don't be so eager to get those children front-facing because children really are safer rear-facing. 

In the past, AAP recommendations were age-based. Generally they recommended that children become front-facing at age two. But there is such a wide variation of size in children, even at the same age, that going only by age doesn't make sense. Also, research shows that rear-facing remains the safest position even for children older than two. Instead, parents should consult the height and weight limits of the car seat they use and use those to guide when to switch to front-fac…


Oh my sweet, lovely readers! It is not everyday that I have the pleasure of a halfway decently written troll email. Yeah, email! Novel! Ha-ha! This morning I had a message from our new “friend”, Duncan. Here, take a look:
Prepare yourself for the science of internet trolls…Hello,I was wondering about the whole idea of fat pride. Is the idea just that you accept yourself for who you are and your weight? I looked up some statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and I found some interesting information. It said that obesity is linked to the following problems: All-causes of death (mortality)High blood pressure (Hypertension)Type 2 diabetesCoronary heart diseaseStrokeOsteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint)Sleep apnea and breathing problemsSome cancers (endometrial, breast, colon, kidney, gallbladder, and liver)Mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disordersBody pain and difficulty with physical functioningI want…

(Menstrual) Cupdate!

I saw a meme this week that at first made me irritated, but then made me happy because fuck yeah!

“Gosh, You’re a Big Fella” and Other Manifestations of My Privilege

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“Gosh, You’re a Big Fella,” and Other Manifestations of My Privilege

by Jared HarropSo, I have known the new ASDAH blog coordinator for many years, and when she got the position and first started trying to wrangle some post writers, she asked me, too. I said, “What should I write about?” and her response was, “Anything you want! It’s a blog about people in diverse body sizes and their lived experiences, and I like your writing, so just write about your experiences as a larger-bodied man.”I thought to myself: what do I want to write about? What experiences could I write about? I could write about the experience of flying in a larger body, smooshed into an airplane seat that’s too small for folks even half my size, between two other gentlemen about the same size as me. I could write about the intense discomfort I feel getting into and out of friends’ compact cars, or the frustration I feel when I can’t reach something that’s fallen on the floor because my midsection doesn’t let me bend down that far. I could write about big, comfortable, reclining movie-…