Swing vs Day Trading | Forex Trading Strategies Pros & Cons

With Forex trading strategies being as important as they are, it has become a challenge picking the best one. Each plan is effective in its own way, and this causes heavy confusion as to which one works best. Though there are quite a few methods to work with, swing and day trading strategies see very close competition. Both of these approaches are contrasting to one another but are amongst the few plans that are employed most. 

As a Forex trader, implementing a powerful strategy is key to winning trades, and day, swing trading strategies are two of the bests in the game today!
Like every coin, these approaches have their own two sides of pros and cons: 

Swing vs Day Trading Forex Trading Strategies Pros & Cons
Swing vs Day Trading Forex Trading Strategies Pros & Cons

1) Timing The Trade Right: Timing your entry, exit and trade in itself is the most crucial part of Forex trading. Additionally, this is deciding factor between swing and day trading plans. The former is a long-scale approach which doesn't require you to monitor charts every minute, whereas the former is a minute to hour-long approach that demands you to study the charts continuously! So if you are up for an intense trading session, day trading is for you; if not, the swing will do just fine.
2) Capital Requirement: Long-term trades require larger capital when compared to smaller ones. Swing trading strategy is relatively longer than day trading. The capital needed for this is times more than the money you would invest in a day trading scheme! Depending on your investment freedom, pick the plan that works best.
3) Making a Consistent Winning: A market laden with risks, Forex trading in Vietnam is no easy endeavor. Every trader wants to make money, and money is the first factor when choosing a strategy! Day trading strategy being short-term, reels in profits lesser than its swing trading counterpart. Swing trading, however, is riskier, but also has more profit potential!
4) The Cost To Pay: At the end of the day, you invest more than just money; you're investing a lot of time and effort. This ultimately leads to stress. To have a successful career, stress should be in relatively lower or considerable amounts. Day trading is an extremely fast-paced and intense methodology, whereas the swing trading strategy is more relaxed. According to your stress threshold, pick the best!
Amply lucrative and in trend currently, the day and swing trading strategies are both incredibly powerful. Equip yourself with the best of Forex trading strategies, and race your way to the top! Call WesternFX today, and avail from our arsenal of hand-picked drafts that we will curate according to your trading style. With our experts by your side, you will reach the top of Forex trading in Vietnam in no time!

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