The Disadvantages Of Using Forex Demo Accounts

For a long time Forex traders have pondered hard and deep about the usefulness of demo trading. While some rely on it a lot and find demo accounts to be a boon, some traders feel that live trades are the best way to learn Forex trading! When all is said and done, preference is what matters. Different traders have had different experiences with demo trading, hence the variety in opinion. The fact however remains that live trades provide a completely different perspective on trades and equip traders in ways that demo trading doesn't!

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Here are 4 reasons why demo trading might not work out for you:

1) Real Money Isn't Involved: 

So long as you don't trade with real money, you won't understand its value in a live trade. Demo trading involves working with virtual money, which has no real cap on it! On a Forex demo account, you will have limitless capital to play with - this can seriously hamper your Forex trading career. In real-time trades, you will be investing what you own, and that isn't infinite! Demo accounts don't teach you how to manage real-time investments.

2) There Is No Element Of Risk: 

Risks are healthy and necessary in Forex trading. When you take the right risk, you make good profits. But the trick here is that risking isn't learnt on demo platforms. You learn how to take affordable risks by risking on a live trade! Since Forex demo accounts let you trade on simulated environments, there are no risks to guide you and teach you the dangers of losses and the importance of risking healthy. 

3) Losses Aren't As Scary: 

Losing money that you don't own doesn't instill the same fear as a real-time loss does. In Forex Trading, losses play the crucial role of teaching you the viability of a move. Demo trading accounts however, don't let you witness this importance! 

4) Money Management Can't Be Learnt: 

The ultimate lesson every Forex trader needs to learn is money management. Without investing wisely, you won't see consistent profits. Live trades will put you in difficult exchanges and on tough markets, here, you will be able to master money management simply through the fear of losing! But on a Forex demo account this doesn't happen. 

If working on a Forex demo account isn't your thing, you can start trading live! Although risky, live trading will teach you a lot more and a lot faster. Get started right away with one of the top Forex brokers by your side - reach out to WesternFX today! Our experts will equip you with the best of Forex Trading Strategies and platforms, and guide you through to victory. Call us today to know more!