5 Truths That Forex Traders Seldom Know When They Start

A topic as vast as Forex trading can't be learned overnight. It isn't possible for beginners to know everything about currency exchange as they start. However, there are certain fundamentals that ought to be known before beginning one's career as a Forex trader. Many beginners tend to overlook some basics and end up housing catastrophic misconceptions about Forex trading. These myths lead towards losses that one can seldom make up for. 
As a Forex trader, you have to segregate myths from realities, and ascertain the important truths that Forex houses. 
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Here are 5 key aspects to keep in mind:
1) Forex Isn't A Get Rich Quick Scheme: 
If you enter the currency trading markets thinking you will make money overnight, you will end up disappointed. Forex trading is a field where profiting takes a long time, but when you make profits, you win big. A lot of effort goes into winning trades; from devising Forex trading strategies to analyzing the markets - you have to do your homework beforehand.
2) There Are No Guaranteed Systems For Profiting: 
You will come across a number of Forex Trading Strategies labeled as "guaranteed to succeed". However, there are no such guarantees in Forex. To profit in trades, a lot of market analysis has to be done and proper risk management measures have to be implemented. Even with meticulous steps taken, you always stand a chance of losing your trade! 
3) Losses Can't Be Avoided: 
One of the biggest mistakes Forex traders make is trying to avoid losses. This takes up a lot of energy which can otherwise be used to better your trades! Try as you will, Forex trading is a domain where losses and profits both knock your door. 
4) Trading Doesn't Happen Without Investments: 
Though Forex trading has minimal starting requirements, it is a field where you need money to make money. There are no freebies in foreign exchange! Strict measures have to be followed to manage losses and reinvest profits to make the most out of Forex. 
5) Forex Markets Aren't Consistent: 
What seems like a profitable market trend one moment will become erratic and volatile the next! Forex trading markets are known for their high liquidity and volatility, and low consistency. 
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