How to make money on Olymp Trade - Secrets, Strategies, Trading Recommendations

Considering the question of how to make money on Olymp Trade, it can be emphasized that the secrets of making money on options are much greater than successful traders. And even many newcomers to option trading believe that they allegedly possess them. As a result, there is a lot of information and video on the Internet about how to make money with OlympTrade. But, the same type of information about the earnings in the system of doubling the rates (Martingale) did not teach the beginners to trade successfully and profitably. Consider further the main strategies and the fundamental secret of earnings in Olymp Trade.

How to make money on Olymp Trade

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How to make money on Olymp Trade

The essence of working with options is to predict changes in the price of a particular asset (currency pair, cryptocurrency, or commodity). And in order to make money on Olymp Trade, you need to correctly predict whether the price of the selected asset will rise or fall in the transaction you open, that is, the price chart goes up or down.

In options trading, you can make a significant profit simply by determining the direction of the transaction, it will become cheaper or more expensive, for example, a dollar relative to a rupee or bitcoin against a dollar.

Each trader who trades in options knows in advance what he risks and how much he can earn. Revenues and risks are recorded before the conclusion of the transaction, and the profit ratio can reach 92% on the VIP account.

Considering further how to make money on Olymp Trade, you should not look for secrets and universal methods of obtaining quick income in options trading. It is only necessary to understand that every successful strategy is always based on an exact mathematical calculation. Stable and fast earnings, even with 10 dollars, will bring only that strategy, which will provide not less than 70% of profitable transactions. And, of course, for this you need to learn how to properly understand the basics of the market trend on the stock exchange and understand who buys a financial asset and who sells.

Understanding who wins this confrontation between sellers and buyers in exchange trading will allow you to look for good points for opening profitable deals.

In order to consistently make money with Olymp Trade, it is not necessary to be an experienced trader, you need to find the best points to enter and open trades.

In order to successfully learn how to earn money in options trading, first of all you need to start by opening account for training (read the detailed instructions on how to open a training account in OlympTrade). The demo version of the account will give the beginner valuable experience in trading financial and exchange-traded assets in real market conditions, without financial risk. You will get the opportunity to test and choose the best strategy for making money in financial markets for free and without replenishing your account.

Read the full review of the Olymp Trade.

RSI strategy trading

One of the most reliable strategies for trading options Higher / Lower is algorithmic. It comes down to the formation of certain rules for opening deals and on the basis of them the purchase and sale of options is carried out. And the most competent and profitable tactic is the RSI strategy on the trend reversal.

To open a trade in the OlympTrade trading platform, an option "Higher" or "Lower" is bought, but only after the appearance of a reversal level of 30 or 70 (overbought / oversold) by the RSI indicator.

For trading, it is better to use the timeframe (time period on the chart) M1 - M5 and set the term of the transaction for at least 10 minutes. Shorter periods of time (60 seconds), widely advertised, cannot be successfully used, because they are the result of the activities of HFT (high-frequency) exchange robots.

Therefore, it is not possible for a novice trader to predict high-frequency operations and especially the direction of the trend on short timeframes (1, 2 minutes).

It is worth remembering that the rules are the main one for earning in every successful strategy, since it is impossible to trade on Olymp Trade and consistently make a profit without the transaction analysis algorithm.

It is the rules of trade, taking into account the chosen strategy, that are able to eliminate the psychological impact on the trader and allow them to start earning stably. And there are no secrets in earnings: you only need to understand the direction and dynamics of the trend of the selected asset, and correctly analyze charts on large and medium timeframes when trading.

Night Option Trading Strategy

Among algorithmic strategies, there are those that are based on the peculiarities of the movement of currency quotations in a certain period of time. For example, the currency pairs EURGBP, EURCHF, GBPJPY, NZDCHF, AUDCHF are in a narrow corridor at night and move between its borders. Due to the large spread on Forex at this time it is impossible to earn, but in the options trading it is available and realistic.

Probably, this strategy is the only opportunity for newbies to quickly make money on OlympTrade from scratch. The secrets of the strategy are as follows: after 21:00 GMT on the above currency pairs, presented in the form of candlestick charts, you should find a narrow corridor in which the price moves for more than 1.5 hours.

Then it is necessary to determine the boundaries of the price corridor, denoting them by maxima and minima. The next step is the visual determination of the configuration of the price movement channel: almost straight (side trend), upward or downward.

Opening deals

Consider how to open an option deal in OlympTrade for this strategy. This is a sale from the upper borders and a purchase from the lower ones in the case of a horizontal channel on the chart. The second option is only to sell the option from the upper boundary of the downward channel with ignoring purchases from the lower one. The third option is only to buy an option in the uplink from the lower limit. The expiration date is set in the platform for 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the price dynamics, the timeframe on the M1 chart is M5.

In the pair EURCHF and EURGBP in the evening and late at night, a 15-minute expiration is justified. It is important that the amount of the transaction on the option is set so that the trader has the opportunity to repeatedly repeat the rate of the same amount for the entire trading period. In the question of how to make money on Olimp Trade, there are no secrets in night trading, as this strategy is simple and quite effective for making $ 500 deposit.

The main thing that is in the strategy of night trading range, it is a fixed amount of the option in each transaction. You can not double the amount of the transaction and give in to excitement. This is not a game for money, but rather a painstaking work. Using this strategy, in 3 hours of night trading you can earn about 1,000 USD in Olymptrade, each time risking only 50 USD.

Combined Options Trading

There is also a combined strategy, in which for beginner traders a huge amount of uncertainties. And if a respected reader wonders about how to make money on Olymp Trade, then he can learn something useful.

This strategy consists in the use of options as a hedging instrument for intraday transactions made on Forex. Their goal is to eliminate the risk if the forecast for the transaction in the foreign exchange market is not justified. Then you should close the Forex transaction with the lowest possible profit and make a profit on the option previously opened. The option is opened in the opposite direction of the currency transaction.

How to make money, earnings on Olymp Trade - secrets, strategies, trading recommendations

The benefits of options trading:
Low minimum deposit amount - from 10 dollars.
Low minimum transaction amount - $ 1.

To earn money on OlympTrade, use the following advantages of the trading platform:

"Cancel a losing trade" This function provides the ability to insure yourself against an undesirable outcome of the transaction. If you notice that after the conclusion of a transaction, the chart has started moving (rising or decreasing) in an unfavorable direction for you, you can easily cancel the losing trade.
"Early closing of the transaction" The ability to close the transaction before the expiration of the option. The amount of the return will depend on the degree of change in the price of the asset. The maximum amount of return is up to 120% of the transaction, for cryptocurrency assets up to 100%. Due to this, you can get up to 20% of net profit without waiting for the end of the transaction.


Perhaps the information in this review will allow you to understand that the issue of how to make money on OlympTrade, the secrets to trade do not mean anything. All profitable strategies for options have long been developed, tested and successfully used in exchange trading, because financial and exchange markets have been around for many years.

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